2017 Pryor Foal # 9

Ruby 1
Ruby, daughter of Juniper and Horizon.  Photo by Jack Sterling.

I am a little late with this good news post.  Foal # 9 for 2017 was born around November 8th, 2017.   It is a filly who has been named Ruby.  Ruby is the daughter of Juniper and Horizon.


Juniper is the 2009 daughter of Sapo and Bolder.  Horizon is the 2007 son of Felina and Morning Star.

This was another birth that we were all looking forward to.  This is also the band that the beloved Fiesta was in.  I can’t help but think that he is looking down on this little one and watching out for her from above.  I witnessed Fiesta with Joviana’s foal in 2012 (they were both removed in 2012), he was so in love with that little foal, it was really touching to watch him play with him.

Horizon and Fiesta

Welcome to the world little Ruby, may you live a long and peaceful life on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.

Thank you Jack Sterling for the use of your photos of Ruby!

Juniper and Ruby, November 30, 2017.  Photo by Jack Sterling.


2017 Pryor Foal # 8

This was a much-anticipated foal for many of us who have followed these horses!!     Jasmine had been off of PZP for a few years and I think we all expected and wanted her to foal sooner.  As one year turned into two of not conceiving, it crossed my mind that she could perhaps have become sterile.   Abbie and I were relieved to see her looking round in July.   But as the months seemed to go on without her foaling, I wondered if perhaps we were wrong.  Was she just fat?!

Jasmine, July 2016

We finally have the answer to that question.  She has finally had her foal!  After a few weeks of sad news, this makes this news even better.

TCF made this statement which explains the name that has been choosen:

” The Pryor Mustang Center confirmed his name is Ryden—in honor of Hope Ryden who is largely responsible for saving this herd from total removal in the 60’s. Hope died this year and what an honor this little guy holds, as he carries her name well into the 21st century. ”

Nancy ( PMWMC) was very kind in contacting me to let me know the name they choose.  She knew that Abbie and I had choosen that name for the little foal ( # 3) that got separated shortly have her birth.  FOAL # 3    I agree that this name is a good choice for Jasmine’s foal.   Hopefully this foal will live a long and healthy life on the range and we can all be reminded of what Hope Ryden did for this special herd of horses.

Jasmine and her colt Ryden, Photo taken by Steve Cerroni

Jasmine is the 2009 daughter of Aztec and Cloud.   But who is the sire?  Only Jasmine knows for sure.  My list would include these possible stallions:  Doc (who she has been with for a while, but does wander,  whenever she can get away with it!). Cappuccino, (who she has wandered to many times), Mescalero (who she was caught flirting with) or even Horizon (who stole Galena away from Doc last fall).

2345 jpg
Jasmine, February, 2013

Thank you Nancy and Steve Cerroni for the use of your photos!  I am looking forward to seeing this little one!


Jasmine and her colt Ryden. Photo by Steve Cerroni.

2017 Pryor Foal # 6

Morning Reverie and her Mom Hataali

Pryor Foal # 6 was born in August to Hataali and Morning Star.  A Filly named Morning Reverie.

Hataali is the 2007 daughter of Sapo and Shaman, Morning Star is the 1996 son of Washakie and Plenty Coups.  Morning Star was 21 this year, so this will most likely be one of his last foals.

Morning Reverie thinks she can boss Dad around!
She gives it her best try!

Thank you Linda Dombeck for your great photos (taken on August 29th). This little filly seems to have a lot of personally and I am looking forward to seeing her grow up on the range!

Morning Star and his band move down towards the water.

This year, the effects of the PZP (birth control on the mares) seems to be working.  With only 4 live foals for this year and the loss of at least 9 horses for the 2017 year, that leaves us with a negative 5 growth.  This will be the second year where there has been negative or very little population growth.  I am hoping that this will be noted and taken into account when the discussion of a removal comes around.  We need to carefully watch the genetics and assure that a healthy amount of horses are allowed to stay on the range.


Morning Reverie, August 29, 2017

2017 Pryor Foal # 2/ Deceased


The second known Pryor Foal to be born this year was discovered by Dennis and Toots McCollough.  This foal was born to Icara and Johnston.  The name chosen is Raeleah J which means: Rays of Sunshine.

Icara is the 2008 daughter of Corona and Waif.  Johnston is the 2009 son of Cascade and Seattle.

Thank you Dennis for the use of your photos!

Update:  Unfortunately this little one did not survive.  She was found dead a week after her birth, cause of death unknown.

Icara with her 2015 filly, Phantom and her new foal.


Icara and Johnston with their new filly.

I am looking forward to seeing this little one soon.