2017 Pryor Foal # 2/ Deceased


The second known Pryor Foal to be born this year was discovered by Dennis and Toots McCollough.  This foal was born to Icara and Johnston.  The name chosen is Raeleah J which means: Rays of Sunshine.

Icara is the 2008 daughter of Corona and Waif.  Johnston is the 2009 son of Cascade and Seattle.

Thank you Dennis for the use of your photos!

Update:  Unfortunately this little one did not survive.  She was found dead a week after her birth, cause of death unknown.

Icara with her 2015 filly, Phantom and her new foal.


Icara and Johnston with their new filly.

I am looking forward to seeing this little one soon.




15 thoughts on “2017 Pryor Foal # 2/ Deceased

  • Thanks so much for the up date and pictures. Beautiful new filly and love the color that has passed on down the line. I always read your posts.

  • Wow what a beautiful little creature hopefully she survives all that mother nature throws at her. Hearing about newborns and the spirits that live on from ancestor’s near and dear.
    I live and work in Australia but everyday Cloud looks back at me sharing his wisdom on my desktop.
    Telling me that the two legged creatures are the ones to fear the most…

  • Thanks for the update. It’s always an exciting time of year when the new foals start arriving. It would be great news for the Dryhead if this new arrival is indeed a filly! It’s great to see Icara and her foal looking so healthy!

    I’m seeing a lot of people saying this little one is a grulla but at this stage I’m more inclined to think it’s a black. Grulla foals are typically much lighter than this (even the ones that turn out to be very dark as adults) and have more of a brownish tint to them than what this foal has. It could just be the lighting but in these photos at least, this foal looks way too dark to be a grulla imo.

    Playing the name game for a second, I kind of like the name River as a nod to Johnston’s dam, Cascade, who has been missing for a while now. I can’t wait to hear what name is chosen for this latest addition to the Pryor herd!

    • Thanks Phoebe. The stripes on the legs is the telling sign of a grulla. Blacks do not have leg stripes. She will most likely be a darker grulla, but time will tell.

      • Yeah I saw the leg stripes but having stripes doesn’t automatically make a foal a dun. Many foals are born with counter shading that resembles dun markings (and this has fooled many breeders into thinking they have a dun foal!) but this counter shading disappears once the foal sheds its foal coat.

        A lady I know owned a mare who had a foal almost identical in colour to Icara’s foal (complete with leg barring) and she was so excited because she thought the foal was a grulla only for the foal to shed out as a black. That’s why I’m reserving judgement on calling this foal a grulla.

        It feels a bit like that “What colour is the dress?” thing that went viral online a couple of years ago!

  • Does anyone do necropsies on these foals or is it just a bad luck kind of thing? (I work at a vet lab so just wondering from a vet med perspective). Thanks!

  • It’s sad to know that there are only two Pryor foals born (that I’ve heard of) and one has died. Do any of the other mares on the mountain look pretty pregnant?

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