A Review from Thora

Penny (Pele), daughter of Fools Gold and Coronando. June 2015

I discovered Sandy’s blog Wild in the Pryors about these wild horses living in Montana/Wyoming about a year ago and became immediately fascinated with these beautiful horses and their lives.  I have followed her blog faithfully ever since and am always waiting excitedly for her next report.

When I saw that she was also offering guided tours, there was no turning back and I decided this was something I had to do.  So it was that I travelled from Iceland with a friend of mine from UK to meet up with Sandy and finally see the Pryor herd with my own eyes.

I really don´t know how to describe this trip but these are a few words that come to my mind: amazing, spiritual, harmony, fun, beautiful, peaceful and exciting.  Sandy´s experience and dedication to these horses is admirable.  She has an in-depth knowledge of the horses, their family ties and character of each horse and band.  I enjoyed immensely spending time with her and learn from her how to approach the horses and be around them, she was always very respectful and mindful of not disturbing the horses and their natural behavior.  We had wonderful opportunities (thanks to Sandy) to observe the horses and managed to see all of them.   I only wish I could have stayed there longer to enjoy them.

Everything about the trip was very well organised and Sandy did a really good job with all aspects of our trip, all details well thought of.  Things were relaxed and easy-going.  Our camping site was located perfectly to be able to spot the bands coming and going, we even had some night visits from the horses where they were grazing just outside our tents.

On the whole this was a wonderful experience and I can highly recommend her tours to anybody interested in seeing the Pryor herd.

Thora Jonsdottir, Iceland