Has a Missing Horse Reappeared?

A couple of weeks ago, there were some photos posted on the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center’s Facebook page.   These photos, were taken by Dennis McCollough.  It showed  three dark-colored horses, two of which were easily identified as Orlando and Oglala.  The third was not as easily identified.  Another wild horse follower, Dawn Ness,  was also… Read More

Who Will Have Foals in 2017?

Mares within the Pryor Wild Horse Herd, are given PZP (birth control) every year.  Each year there is a group of mares that are in the “window” of possibly being able to foal, meaning that they have not been given PZP.    And every  year, there will be some surprises from some, despite being vaccinated, and… Read More

Lakota’s Gift 2017

This year will be the 4th year of “Lakota’s Gift”.  For the past 4 seasons, I have awarded a four day camping  trip to an inspiring Pryor Mountain Wild Horse follower in honor of my favorite horse, Lakota.  This person needs to be passionate about this special herd of horses and have some basic knowledge… Read More

Socializing On The Snow/ June 28, 2015

My group and I spent a couple of hours watching the horses on the snow above Mystic Pond a few days ago.  One of my favorite shows, was with little Pride.  He decided that it was time to go out and meet the neighbors, and first stop was with little Miss Oceana.  She wasn’t sure… Read More

August In The Pryors. Part 5. Day Trips.

I am just going to post several photos I took while giving two day trips to the top of the mountain.   In the seven days that I spent on the mountain top, there were only 2 mountain-top horses that I did not see.  London and Knight. I am not worried about them.  I am… Read More

August In The Pryors. Part 3.

During the night, we heard several stallion screams.  I say screams, because there is a difference between the squeals that stallions make when greeting one another or of the screams that bachelors make when sparring. The last time I heard screams this loud and long,  was during the time when Grijala and Lakota were fighting.… Read More