A Tribute To The Horses That Have Passed in 2019

IMG_5341The 2019 year is coming to a close soon.  For the past several years, I have been publishing this post to honor and remember the horses that died during the year, this year is no exception.

A part of me just wanted to let it slide by, this post is never an easy one to make, but in the end, I realized that I needed to continue this tradition and give these wonderful wild horses one last post of love.  The mountain is a special and spiritual place, even though these horses are gone, their spirit continues to touch anyone who visits and takes the time to listen.

The horses below are listed in alphabetical order.

Baja, 2015

1.  Baja.  Baja was the 1996 son of Tonapah and Looking Glass.  Baja was an incredably strong band stallion.   He held on to his band until the fall of 2017.  That year he was 21.  The average life of a wild stallion on the mountain is 19, and for him to not only out live that, but to continue to hold unto his band until he was 21, was an amazing accomplishment.  He was one of the most beautiful stallions on the mountain.  He is truly missed.  His legend lives on with his beautiful daughter Quahneah and her offspring.

Baja, May 2012
Duke, 2016

2.  Duke.  Duke was the 1996 son of Flicka and Bigfoot.  Duke was also a strong and consistent band stallion.  He too lived to the age of 23, losing his band the winter of 2017-18.  His legend lives on with 7 offspring left on the range.

Duke, 2015
Duke, 2016
Fiero, 2012

3.  Fiero.  Fiero was the 2005 son of Sacajawea and Merlin.  A beautiful stallion with an amazing bloodline, Fiero died too soon.  Unfortunately, he has no known offspring on the range.

Fiero, winter 2012
Jemez with his bachelor buddies in 2012.  From left to right:  Jemez, Hidatsa, Hawk and Issaquah

4.  Jemez.  Jemez was the 2009 son of Strawberry and Blizzard.  Life is tough for these Dryhead stallions.  So few filly/mares for these amazing stallions, Jemez’s life was cut short due to an injury.  He also has no known offspring on the range.

Jemez, 2012
Killian and Lobo, summer of 2015

5.  Lobo was the 2011 son of Sapo and Bolder.  Lobo was an amazingly beautiful horse.  Just coming into his own, he disappeared the winter of 2018-19.  I have fond memories of him as a young colt, sparing with his 1/2 brother Killian.  He has no known offspring on the range.

Lobo, 2015
Lobo, 2015
Lobo, July 2016
Tiny with Waif and Kemmerer

6.  Tiny.  Tiny was the 2019 foal of Waif and Kemmerer.  He was first seen by Dennis McCollough in April 2019.  He was never seen again.  Thank you Dennis for the use of your photos.

Waif and Tiny
Warbonnet, July 2013

7.  Warbonnet.  Warbonnet was the 1993 daughter of Tonapah and Geranimo.  This beautiful mare was very close to Phoenix, you could often see the two of them grooming, napping or grazing together.  Her heritage lives on with her daughter Heritage and her son Tecumseh.

Warbonnet and Phoenix, July 2015
Warbonnet with her daughter Kayenta, March 2012
Warbonnet, July 2016

Rest in Peace, Wild Horse Souls.  Your spirit lives on, and you will always be remembered.




21 thoughts on “A Tribute To The Horses That Have Passed in 2019

  • I’m crying, so I can only imagine how agonizing it is for you to review the lives of these magical animals. Reading through, I struck by how few descendents each horse has left. Their bloodlines are so precious. Sandy, I thank you many times over for bringing the horses in this magnificent herd to life through photos and personal stories.

      • Thank you for sharing, the pictures are beautiful and honor the horses very well. I think it’s very sad to see legendary stallions passing away these 3 last years but they lived great lifes, being wild and free. I’m also very sad about the death of Jemez , he was way too young just like Fiero and Lobo… I think Blizzard has also dissapeared in the spring of this year, Lariat and La niña also got foals that weren’t discovered but they were heavily pregnant so I guess they lost their foals…

  • Thanks for this post Sandy. It’s always hard to look at the horses that are no longer with us. Is Phoenix still alive? I thought she had passed but don’t remember it being mentioned. I remember seeing her when I did my tour in 2014.

  • What I love about the internet is that these horses will never be forgotten. A 100 years from now someone can come across their images and they will live again if only for the time that person takes to read their stories.

  • thanks for remembering those who once stood proud,,,,,,they are loved in hearts of many,,,,,

  • Thank you for this post i am glad that most of the horses lived to the fullest surpassing their average age. Even the young ones at least lived a wild life and gave their best even if they lost early in the game. I too worry about the sparse of fillings and mares what eill happen if fewer fillies will be born in the coming years? Anyway thanks again for this post. Can’t wait for jasmine foal to be named so i can read your post!

  • Thank you for this post, Sandy. It’s painful to think about each and every horse that we lose, but we all know it’s the Circle of Life, and what must be, must be. The list of surviving foals softens the blow of the losses, somewhat.
    I do fear that Jackson and Waif may be added to this list by next spring, as well. Have you heard of anyone sighting either of them?

    • I do not know. I have been thinking about Jackson a lot lately. I dread the day when I have to add his name to this post. I know it will happen and it is the way of the wild. But that one will be especially painful, and I know it will be for you as well.

  • Sandy, I know how heartbreaking it is to do the tribute posts but I can’t thank you enough for doing them. One of my favorites is on this years list with no offspring on the range. With him being gone declared deceased and him not leaving any of his direct bloodline is truly devastating. His father was my favorite before him. I was shocked to see Lobo on this years list, had no idea he had been missing. Other than Jemez (I know he was euthanized due to his injury not healing) has any remains been found of these listed this year? Or are some just missing? I have been very concerned about Blizzard since his fight with Hildalgo in 2017 and he hasn’t been mentioned in many months in any of the online sources I follow. I’ve tried to keep close as possible tabs on Blizzard since. Was Jemez his last offspring?

      • Thank you for your reply Sandy. I thought Kemmerer was older than Jemez born in 2009 and Jemez in 2010. I had them backwards. Thank you for correcting me. I understand the circle of life for our cherished mustangs, but it doesn’t make the losses any less heartbreaking. After Cloud’s usual disappearances over the winter months and not resurfacing the following spring/summer (there was an unconfirmed sighting may 2017) but nothing since, it was hard for me to continue keeping up on the Pryor mustangs much less pick another favorite so I decided to pick favorites based on different color groups and began picking favorite mares as well so I didn’t have just one egg in my basket like I did with Cloud in order to keep going. I rely so much on your website and YouTube channel to keep tabs and I appreciate what you do for our majestic Pryor mustangs more than I can express. If I were still able bodied and anywhere near the mountain, I would probably never leave the range! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are greatly appreciated.

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