2019 Pryor Foal # 15


Pryor foal # 15 was born to Maia and Hamlet.  Maia is the 2012 daughter of Hera and Prince.  Hamlet is the 2007 son of Delilah and Pierre. No name or gender has been announced.

Thank you Phyllis for the use of your beautiful photos!


Hamlet and Maia surround their new foal

10 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foal # 15

      • She turned out to be a filly after all with a great name!!! Can’t wait for next summer to see all these future yearlings with their true colour coats haha, but i must admit i prefer the fall and winter periods because the horses get to have more privacy , enjoy their wilderness without many distractions and survive like other wild animals of course the pictrures and updates are more rare but just thinking about them its enough

  • Thanks for the pictures of the new foal. They sure are cute. This has been another busy year with foals. I do hope the rest of the foals are doing good.

  • Been waiting for this one for ages. Hamlet is a favourite of mine- I love the tall, dark, handsome ones!- and I’m thrilled that he has another foal on the range. The Forest Service boys have done well this year. Now we just need Hernando to get himself a younger mare.

    Gorgeous foal. Hopefully it’s a filly because there have been a lot of colts this year. I suspect he or she will be a brown roan like big brother Oro.

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