2019 Pryor Foal # 12


The much anticipated Pryor Foal # 12 was born to Nimbus and Knight.

Nimbus is the 2013 daughter of Feldspar and Cloud.  Knight is the 2010 son of Guinevere and Cappuccino.

Nimbus 8-13
Nimbus, August 2013 Photo by Sandy/ Wild In The Pryors
Knight, July 2011. Photo by Sandy/ Wild in the Pryors

The foal was first discovered by Phylis Wray (thank you for the use of your photos).

The foal is a colt and has been named Tor (pronounced Thor).



11 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foal # 12

  • Finally an Encore and Knight foal. I was start I,g to worry about her. She’s been with him for so lo,g

    • Great new ! I was looking everyday since May to see if Nimbus got her foal and he is finally here ! The foal looks healthy and Nimbus seems to be a protective mother, I hope he will survive his first months of life. He remembered me so much his great grand father, Raven he is a look a like copy of him with his two face marks ! But I think he will be a blue roan even if it’s unexpected looking at his parents colors . He is a great mixture of genes I think and he will hopefully be as strong as his two parents . Tor also becomes Cappuccino first grandson ! With 12 foals this year it means that there is the same number of foal this year and last year while there is probably Maia, La Niña, Kitalpha, Jewel, Jasmine and Greta who are probably pregnant it’s definetly a good year !

    • Jan, That is just some blood from the birth. No slash mark. Looks to me like she most likely swooshed her tail (which has blood on it) and got it up there on her hip.

      • I wondered if it were from the tail. Thank you! The colt is magnificent.

  • What a handsome little colt! Love those long legs. Heading out that way in a few days and hoping to maybe drive up to the Pryors again.

  • So happy to see this foal. Knight just like encore had to grow up early on his own without his mom so its nice to watch them have a baby. I think tor will roan out and will look like his cousin ryden whom I haven’t seen at all this year. Also i im actually glad that it wasn’t a palomino because sometimes people are overly enthusiastic about encore and would literally view a palomino Colt as cloud’s reincarnation. Of course she might produce one in the future because likely encore is fertile like her mother anyway thanks for the post!

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