2019 Pryor Foal # 13

Jewel 2

2019 Pryor Foal # 13 was born to Jewel and Fools Crow.

Jewel is the 2009 daughter of Waif and Corona.  Fools Crow is the 2005 son of Strawberry and Cortez.  The foal is a colt.  No name has been chosen yet.  Thank you Brittny Budde for the use of your beautiful photos!

Jewel 4
It’s a boy!

Jewel 1

Jewel 3


7 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foal # 13

  • A beautiful black wild stallion how perfect is that and then Add a star and you have myth the mythical black stallion

  • Yes! This foal has been a long time coming and I’m so happy for Jewel. I was really bummed when Mercuria was removed and was worried Jewel would never have another. This year was her last chance to have another foal so she sure cut it fine.

    What a beautiful foal he is. He’s one special little guy and was certainly worth the wait. I can’t wait to find out what name is chosen for him.

  • He is a beautiful colt colt although i was hoping for a filly since the last few years colts outnumber the fillies a lot. But still happy for Jewel its nice that all the J mares managed to have foals before the window of opportunity closes. I hope all mares have that chance

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