2019 Pryor Foal # 11

Labrava with her new colt Trooper

2019 Pryor Foal # 11 was born to LaBrava and Irial.  LaBrava is the 2011 daughter of Blue Sioux and Coronado.  Irial is the 2008 son of Ireland and Prince.  The foal is a colt and has been named Trooper.

I am not sure how to start this post.  There are so many emotions coming up with the birth of this foal.   LaBrava has had some bad luck with the birth of two of her foals.  In 2013 right outside my tent, she gave birth to Nacer (click here to read that post)    Then in 2015 she gave birth to Pixie ( AKA Pilar) in December.  She was able to keep that little one alive and she has grown into a beautiful young filly.  Last year (2018) she gave birth on the last day of my tours.  Myself and my guests were the first one to witness him.  He was gorgeous, perfect.  LaBrava was a very attentive mother.  We left the mountain that morning, happy with the healthy birth and happy for LaBrava.  But within a few days, he was gone.  Unfortunately I am fairly sure that it was caused by human interference.  I had a number of people contact me about the apparent mix up of Silver Bow (who was very tiny at the time) and Santiago (LaBrava’s colt). You can read about his birth by clicking here Unfortunately, the outcome was not good.

I pray that LaBrava is able to raise this little one in peace.  I know that she is an excellent mother and a very strong mare, with a family band that would do anything to help protect their foals.  Please stay your distance.

Below is a photo of the new sign on the range.



Labrava with her new colt Trooper

3 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foal # 11

  • Thank you for sharing! It’s a very good new, I was hoping for a new Labrava foal this year after Santiago died last year. Trooper is just looking so muck like Santiago and I’m happy that Irial will have his mini me just like Labrava and Pilar.I hope he will live long and free. This year is a very good year in my opinion already 12 foals and only 2 of them died, and Nimbus, La Nina, Maia, Jewel and Greta will hopefully give Birth to healthy foals this year too.

  • Thats some great news!!! Trooper is a Santiago lookalike but he already seems more lively and healthy so hopefully he survives. I am really happy for both the parents. I hope Manuelita will give birth too either this year or the following and i wonder who else is pregant. But for now i am really glad that most of the foals are healthy and can add to the genetic diversity,Thanks for your post

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