November 16: Adventure (by Nancy)

Here is an update from Nancy (PMWMC), I thought you might enjoy! Thanks Nancy!


Every trip to the Dryhead is an adventure. Today was certainly true. The day was a little bit overcast and cool. The trees were noticeably bare, their limbs a tangle of silhouettes against the red rocks around Crooked Creek Bay. As many times as I come up here, there is always a sense of excitement about what horses will be seen. But on a day like today, the chance to get out and hike in the beauty of that country is adventure in itself.

I was determined to find La Niña. Last week Diane reported that Bakken and her foal were with Fiero, Strawberry, and Sacajawea.  I set off to find her along the meadows of Layout Creek. No luck! So off I went back to my Jeep. I had seen three black horses up in the foothills of the Pryors so that was my next adventure. I pulled off…

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