November In The Pryors

Nirvana, July 2013
Nirvana, July 2013

I am sorry for not posting anything over the last several weeks.  This time of year I dedicate to my family at home and won’t be going to the Pryors until after the holidays.  My human and animal family are enjoying my presence, and it is good to have some much-needed time to work with my 3 Pryor Kids!

I have started a Wild In The Pryors Facebook page.  Each day, I share a photo and a little bit about the photo.  You can see that Page by clicking on FACEBOOK.  I have thousands of extra photos from just this year and many more thousands from the other years I have been up there.  I hope you will check out that page and “like” it!  Thank you!

Blizzard, September 2013
Blizzard, September 2013

Ginger from TCF was just on the mountain this past week.  Click on TCF to go to that link.  I had not seen Cloud when I was there in October and I know Ginger did not see him in October either, so it was good to hear that she located him this time.  I only wish we had more updates on the other mountain horses.  I would love to see a new photo of Washakie and Baja’s colt, Nawah.

Washakie and Nahwa, September 2013.  Photo by Anh.
Washakie and Nahwa, September 2013. Photo by Anh.

I am planning on doing a 2013 Year In Review and it will be published sometime in late December.  I also have a few 2014 calendars left if anyone is interested.  You can see them by clicking on Calendars.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support!


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

15 thoughts on “November In The Pryors

  1. Yeah, Ginger has one main focus (which is fine). LOL! But yes, it would be nice to have updates on some of the other bands. Have a great holiday season!

  2. She saw Jackson’s, Cappuccino, and Diamond’s (Teton) bands up close in October too. It was nice to see some of the more illusive dryhead bachelors. Inniq and Jesse James in October and then Inniq, Jemez, and Johan in November. It seems that Jemez has stayed out of sight more this year than last year. And Johan seems to have inherited Bristol’s tendency to stay hidden! I’m glad La Nina is doing good, but I would love to see how Nawah is doing too! And whether or not Hailstorm was carrying a late foal.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sandy & family (two and four legged)!!!
    Thanks for your dedication – love the pictures and stories always!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Nancy saw several of the bands recently and said she would get a post up soon. Hopefully she saw Nawah!

    1. Hi Sarah! Happy Thanksgiving to you also! Yes, I saw her photo this morning. I don’t think Baja is over on that side of Turkey Flats, but you never know. He seems to always be over towards BT more. I hope so though!!

  5. And now it is December in the Pryors. With record-breaking temps much below zero for several days and with the snow, horses are much more vulnerable when wet. Praying for all the horses and special protection for the foals, especially LaNina in her young life, for the safety of all animals out in the extreme weather. Blessings.

      1. That is impressive that she has 3 band stallions as offspring….I was wondering about Washakie but didn´t realise the others.

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