New Foals! Pryor Foals Number 2 and 3.

Anh and I headed up Sykes early this morning.  There are many things to share.  We saw 50 horses.  But I want to get this post out first , with the most important news of all!

Two more foals.  The first one we saw was Fiasco and Custer’s new colt.  Fiasco is the 2005 daughter of Topper Too and Chino.  Custer is the 1996 son of Sitka and Shaman.   He looks to be about a week or so old to me.  As always it was a windy day up on Sykes, so we have decided to name him Nodin.  Which is Native American for Wind.  This will be the official BLM name.

Fiasco with her new colt, April 28, 2013
Fiasco with her new colt, April 28, 2013
Custer, Fiasco and new Colt, April 28, 2013
Custer, Fiasco and new Colt, April 28, 2013
Yes, it is a colt, I am sure of that!
Yes, it is a colt, I am sure of that!
Fiasco and Custer's Colt, April 28, 2013
Fiasco and Custer’s Colt, Nodin, April 28, 2013

We were heading back down Sykes when I spotted more horses, just over the edge off the road.  It was Corona, Waif Topper and another new foal!  Waif and Corona’s new colt.  Waif is the 1997 daughter of Twiggy and Cortez.  Corona is the 1997 son Sorita and Sam.  This little one looks to be older than the other.  Maybe a month old.  We have decided to name him Norte, which is Spanish for North.  (North Star).  This will be the official BLM name.

Topper, Waif and her new colt, April 28, 2013
Topper, Waif and her new colt, April 28, 2013
Waif's new colt, April 28, 2013
Waif’ and Corona’s new colt, Norte, April 28, 2013
Norte, April 28, 2013
Norte, April 28, 2013
Corona, April 28, 2013
Corona, April 28, 2013

I will share the rest of our adventure soon!


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29 thoughts on “New Foals! Pryor Foals Number 2 and 3.

  • Awesome News. I am so happy that Waif had a foal, this will pass along Sam’s genes too!!!
    Of course I am so happy to hear of Fiasco’s foal as I think Custer is a beautiful stallion, and I was sad when Leo was removed.
    Great find Sandy!!!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and great news!!!
    Wish we would have found them yesterday ):

  • I’m so thrilled that Fiasco foaled!! He is a cute little guy. I do have to say I’d love for him to shed out darker and then roan out. I just love Custer’s color so much. But either way, I’m so happy they have another foal no matter what color he ends up being! I love Corona and Waif’s colt too. Love the blaze on him! It will be nice for Corona to raise a son too since they have 3 daughters together. His blaze reminds me a bit of Kaelia. I’m interested to hear about what you thought of the Topper, Waif, Corona dynamic. I’m so excited that foal season is definitely upon us in the Pryors! I can’t wait to read the rest of the report! And I hope you’re trip continues to be great!

  • After all those fillies finally a colt. 🙂 !! It sure is weird to see waif with a foal again! Happy fiasco and Custer have a new colt! Thanks Sandy!

  • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    This is awesome!! SO EXCITED! 😀 and I’m glad you and Anh were the ones to find them 🙂 although I do agree with Lori and wish we would’ve seen them yesterday, we were just in the wrong area. Oh well, maybe next time 🙂

    • Thanks Clarissa! Maria(from Bulgaria) told me Waif looked pregnant a couple months ago. So I was really happy to find them and to be able to let Maria know she had been right!

    • I’m thinking we’ll need 3 columns for names—Sandy’s, BLM’s and TCF. 🙂 They’re not making this easy, are they? 🙂 But we can do it. We’re tough, like the mustangs. LOL!

  • I feel like I have to make a comment here about the names of the foals being “official BLM names”.
    First off, the Pryor Wild blog has not posted anything at all since the Gather/Removal and adoption on September 8th 2012. The last entry was on Sept. 9th 2012. It seems that the Center is not keeping up with the herd or blog to the extent that Matt used to do. I do not know the reason and I do not want to assume anything here. I am only being truthful with some facts.

    In the past the center usually named the foals. I believe Reverend Schweiger was the first one to name them, and to keep records of all the horses, but I could be mistaken.
    In truth, if it were not for WITP Blog, we would not even be hearing about the old life or the new life on the mountain right now, let alone seeing photos. I know that TCF & NPS also have been keeping up with the herd and they do give updates,(thank you Ginger & NPS) but not to the extent that this blog (Sandy) does, and definitely not with the respect and compassion that Sandy has and expresses for these horses.
    Since I served on the board of Director’s for 2 years, and then being employed by the Center as the Director for 1 1/2 years I learned that it was always an “understood policy” that if you were the first one to find a foal, then you had the honor to name he or she. I don’t think that it is written down anywhere that the Center chooses the “official” names, but in time it became the custom.
    I cannot think of anyone, anymore, who spends more time on the range, and who has more dedication to this special herd of wild horses than Sandy. I live here, and even I don’t spend as much time up on the range with the wild ones as she does, although I am spending more and more time with them, since I am retired now.
    I know that Sandy is in constant contact with Jared/BLM and was an enormous help to them when identifying the horses last summer during the “removal”, and I am sure that she is an important wealth of information to them now. Sandy & Anh were the first ones to find these foals and I believe that she/they have earned the right to pick “the official BLM” names”. Anh has come to Lovell all the way from California (twice already this year) just to spend time with these horses, and Sandy has been so kind to take her up BT & Sykes so that she can have this experience.
    Quite a few of us suggested some interesting and cool names for the new foals this year and I am happy that we had that opportunity. I think some will definitely be used for the foals.
    So, NO need for three list’s of names Linda LOL!!! Don’t worry, be Happy!!

    I for one thank Sandy for all of the hard work, time and dedication she has put into becoming close with these horses, and her generosity to share it with us!! It is all about the horses and those of us who love and follow them! (:
    There is NO “click here to donate” on this website!

  • Sandy, how do you correctly Pronounce NODIN, (with a Long 0r Short -O)?
    I’d also like to THANK YOU Very MUCH!! –Sandy**, Shawn*, Ginger*/tCF, Bill (& others) at BCNRA*, & Lori*, t00 * for SHARING with all of US-0UT-here!
    …..been out-of-Touch for awhile; so what’s the DEAL with the PM-WH CENTER? & MATT? & wh0ever is working there now?! (are they ~still OPEN for info & guidance? )

    • Thank you so much. I have been pronouncing it Noo-din. It was a name Lori picked out on the post I did for name suggestions.
      I am still in contact with Matt and he is still on the Center Board. The Center is still open, although I hear (from people that try to stop there) their hours are not consistent. Aubry is the new director there. I don’t know much about her, but she had some big shoes to fill. I don’t believe her passion is as deep as Lori’s for these horses. Lori did an excellent job there when she was director and it will be a hard act to follow.

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