First Pryor Foal Of 2013 (born in the wild)

Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area Facebook page just posted this to their wall.  The first known Pryor Foal born this year to Duke’s Band.  The mare is Helenium.  Not sure if it is a colt or a filly yet.  But it sure is cute!  You can click BHCNRA to go to their Facebook page!  Thanks Cass, Ryan and Bill!  Cass’s real camera died, so she had to snap these with her phone!  Thanks Cass!

UPDATE: May 24, 2013: The official name will be Noble.

Helenium is the 2007 daughter of Sandman and Rosebud.  Duke is the 1996 son of Bigfoot and Flicka.

Photo by Cass Bromely NPS.
Photo by Cass Bromely NPS.
Photo by Cass Bromley, NPS.
Photo by Cass Bromley, NPS.
Helenium, August, 2011
Helenium, August, 2011
Duke, July 7, 2012
Duke, July 7, 2012
Duke's Band, July 30, 2012
Duke’s Band, July 30, 2012


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

36 thoughts on “First Pryor Foal Of 2013 (born in the wild)

  1. Yes, yes yes!!! So adorable! I’m glad Helenium foaled. Lancaster was one of my favorite “L” babies. Love the big white blaze too! Have you heard how old they think it is? It’s hard to tell from the picture, but looks like he/she is at least a couple days old. So glad Pryor baby season has officially started! All of the foals at my barn have made me extra anxious for these foals to start popping up 🙂 Now you definitely have something extra to look forward to when you head out there!

    1. oops posted that next comment before you answered back. Now I’m going to be even more anxious for the rest of them! 🙂

  2. WOOHOO…..I feel the same, so happy that Helenium had a foal this year…I hope we get to see him/her…and Helenium is one of my fav’s too!
    Thanks Sandy, and thanks Cass for taking the photo’s!

      1. So exciting! I know you’ll have a great time! And I can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

  3. I think I just got ten times more excited to go on Saturday!
    I saw the post on Facebook from my phone, and couldn’t get my laptop turned on fast enough! 🙂

      1. Hi Alex, I don’t know how old. NPS just discovered he/she. Cass said that as soon as Madonna saw them, she moved the band away quickly (sounds like Madonna!) They(NPS) did not want to follow. I know the area where they were, so hopefully we will be able to see them and I will let you know if it is a colt or filly. Looks at least a week old to me, maybe more. So hard to say from those photos. Noble is a great idea. I think Cass may be naming this one, so I will probably go off of what she wants.

      2. I hope you’re able to find them! They know and recognize you too so I’m sure they’ll be more comforable with you there.

      3. 🙂 I hope so. At least I won’t be holding a PZP gun. Matt told me last year how Madonna still hates him because if that! Every time she sees him, she leaves.

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