Adoption/September 8, 2012

I am just going to make a brief update.  The most important thing is EVERYONE got adopted.  They had to send a few through a second time, but everyone went home with someone.

The PMWMC adopted Liesl and Kaibab.  I adopted Kiowa and Kootenai!  They are both Lakota’s offspring!

The highest price horse today was Kerry and her foal Maclean.  They went for $2,300.

I delivered the horses to the Center today.  Early tomorrow I will pick mine up and head for home!

UPDATE:  Click ADOPTION PRICES  and that will take you to the photos of those adopted.  I added the price that each sold for by their names.

Kootenai, July, 2012


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  • Congrats!!! I know you will be very happy with them and them with you 🙂 Im happy for the center too! I had a feeling you might want someone related to Lakota and that Kootenai might be on your list. Again congrats and cant wait to hear more!

  • Yay!!! (:
    I had a great time with you this weekend, can’t wait till you come back, and we go looking for horses!! 😀

  • I am just really surprised that so many went for just the base price or only a little more — oh, if only we had more open land!! I realize hay is expensive, but still… Thanks for adding the prices.

    • We were so surprised too.. Every time one went for the base price Sandy and I just looked at each other with disbelief because they’re all worth so much more.

  • YAY! I was hoping you would adopt little Kootenai, but I didn’t want to say anything before in case you had your mind set on someone else=) great that you got both Lakota offsprings:) And yay for the center as well:) I am really surprised too at how cheap they went.. If people only knew..:/ Do you know what caused Kerry and foal to go for so much more?
    Congratulations and have a safe trip home=)

    • There were two people that really wanted them and apparently had the money to do it. The people that ended up adopting Kerry and her foal are from Laurel, MT. They adopted Ghost Dancer and her foal in 2009. They are going to a very good home. I met them last week at Britton Springs when I was there visiting the horses. They are very nice people.

  • EXCITED for you and Kiowa and Kootenai! Isn’t Kiowa the little one that kept looking at you on the mountain? Either way, I am thrilled, happy and relieved

  • I am so surprised that so many went for the starting price! And I was especially shocked to see Kayenta and Kokopelli go for so low. Kokopelli even went for the starting price! There were a few other “flashier” ones I thought would go for more such as Breeze, Kalahari, LaSalle, Le Doux… Le Doux went for a higher price for this adoption but I would have expected him (and the others) to go for more, but the prices didn’t get very high this time. And like you said, they are ALL worth so much more! SO glad everyone was adopted too. Surprised all the mare and foal pairs except Kerry and Mclean went for the starting price. Especially Kaelia and Malayna, their such a flashy pair, two of the prettiest girls!! So excited for you, Kootenai, and Kiowa! I’m sure Valerosa will be excited to have some “cousins” from the Pryors. And she will be helping them learn to trust and work with you. It’s like everything has come full circle, especially since you have ended up with two of Lakota’s kids.

    • Thanks Sarah! Valerosa is not sure what she thinks of them yet! 🙂 I let her come over and meet them through the fence this morning. She was trying to be a big boss, but Kootenai told her that might not be the way things work out! LOL He may be little, but he is very brave and tough!

      • He is Lakota’s son after all! It will be interesting to see how things turn out 🙂 I’m sure they will all be friends once they figure out where they stand with eachother. Haha I can imagine the proud look on Kootenai’s face when he starts trying to lead his new “band.” I don’t think the band stallion dream ever dies for those that are born wild. And what a pretty group of ladies he has!

  • We are thrilled for you as well as the Center Sandy!!! I want to thank you “personally” so very much for hauling Liesl and Kaibab to the Center. Thank you too Brianna, Dillon and Sydney for helping when the horses came to the Center. We could not have done it without you!!!
    Kaibab & Liesl are both so beautiful and special! Both have settled in very well and are getting used to the noise (traffic) passing by the Center. There were quite a few people who came to the Center today to visit them and take some photos!
    How grand! This has been a long, emotional & stressful two months for many of us involved, but well worth the outcome! I thank God that all of the horses got adopted and went to good homes.

    I “personally” have to thank the BLM for doing such a great job during the trap/gather process. The horses got the best of care by everyone involved. Many thanks to Jim Sparks (Field Manager), especiallyJared Bybee (wild horse and Burro specialist), Ryan, Don and all of the BLM staff for the excellent care, concern and attention that the horses received during and after the gather and the adoption.

    Now, I just have concerns for the range and other horses with this draught situation. Please pray for lots of moisture on the Pryor range.

    I hope you made it home safe and sound Sandy with your two new family members!

    Thank you everyone!!! I added a photo of Liesl and Kaibab on the news section of the PMWMC website! I love them both!!! I did get to touch Kaibab and Liesl today. They both sniffed my hand and Kaibab even smelled my hair and face!! Awesome!!!

    • Lori, that is really great. It seems like you have already bonded with these two and all the trips you made to Britton Springs have proved to be well worth it. Thanks to you, too, for all your work, even though it’s usually enjoyable, it’s still work. 🙂 I was wondering about traffic noise, glad they have gotten used to it already.

    • Glad they are both settling in so well! I already feel like these two have such sweet personalities and I don’t think it will be long before you have gained their full trust. It seems they are already bonding with you! I think they’ll be very happy with you and you with them! Can’t wait to see Liesl’s pretty face when all her cuts have healed up 🙂

    • Hi Lori! I saw the pic you posted of your new additions. They look great! I’m so happy the Center was able to adopt. I can’t wait to meet them someday. And yes…thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this process as easy on the horses as possible. I am very grateful!

    • Thank you Lori! I was happy to help deliver them! Kootenai and Kiowa are settling in really well. Kootenai even let me touch his nose this morning. Kiowa is a bit more reserved, but she will come around. Kootenai is taking good care of her! Give Liesl and Kaibab a big hug for me! 🙂 And also thanks Brianna, Dillion and Sydney for all your help!

      • You bet Sandy! You are one special woman!!!
        Today the Center had about 50 visitors so I was very busy. Many of them went out to see Kaibab, Liesl, and Exhilaration. It has been very interesting to watch them and now that Kaibab and Liesl are there, Exhilaration hangs around the corral and has just about abandoned the other quarter horses that are in the pasture. I really wonder if he can tell that they are part of his heritage and part of the Pryors! Pretty awesome.
        I have some photos and will share them with you all.
        I am so happy for you Sandy and am touched that Kootenai and Kiowa are bonding with you as Kaibaab and Liesl are with me. Liesl will take a bit longer because of her condition, but she will come around.

      • Lori I’ve always wondered too if the horses can tell that they come from the same “home.”

    • Hi Lori – I see that TCF has a post about the adoption too. They report that Liesl is almost blind. Is this accurate? Just curious as you never mentioned it before.

      • Hi Lola, Lori can fill us in on more details, but yes, Liesl is blind. Not completely. She does see some things. No one knew until she was in the pens. Probably explains how she was separated from her mom. When I delivered them to the Center on Saturday we sat and watched them for a long time. She seemed to be already bonding with Kaibab. They are a good match.

      • Thanks Sandy! How sad and scary for a young horse on the mountain to not see everything that she should be able to see. Glad that she was captured then. And glad she has a buddy in Kaibaab.

  • So happy for you Sandy! I have a canvas of one of my pics of Kiowa from our April trip and it has been hard to see it every day wondering what would become of her. Now I really can smile when I see her photo! And Kootenai too! How wonderful! 🙂

  • So glad all of the horses got adopted. Lakota will live on for you with Kiowa and Kootenai. Good outcome for all.

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