Kiowa and Kootenai

I thought I would do a short post this morning and share some photos with you of Kootenai and Kiowa in their new home.

They rode home in the trailer really well.  I separated them for the ride, just to be on the safe side.  But they seem to be so close already, I think it would have been fine if they had ridden together.

Kiowa was in the back and so when we opened the door for her to come out, she just stood there.  She is a lot more timid than Kootenai.  We let her stand there for a while, but after about 5 minutes I gently reached in and touched her back.  She still did not move, so I just started petting her back.  After about another 30 seconds she left the trailer.  We opened the divider and Kootenai hurried to get out after her.  Their legs were a bit wobbly from the ride, but they quickly recovered and started eating and drinking.

I feel really lucky that I was able to get both of Lakota’s offspring.  Kootenai is the son of Lakota and Hertiage and Kiowa is the daughter of Lakota and Half Moon (Missoula’s mom).  I never really noticed how much Kootenai is starting to look like Lakota, but I can defiantly see it now that he is home with me.  He is only 2 and I am sure as he matures it will be even more apparent.  What a gift to have part of Lakota here with me.

Kootenai has already touched my hand with his nose several times and even let me touch his forehead and pick up his bangs.  This of course was all on his terms.  I put their hay on the ground and then sat there just outside their fence with my hand resting on the fence for them to smell.  Kiowa is pretty shy, but she watches her brother and came within about 4 inches to sniff it late yesterday afternoon.

I think that with all the days I spend on the range camping (it will be well over 30 days this year) and seeing these beautiful horses that they must recognize me.  I hope that gives them some extra comfort, being with someone they know.

Kootenai, September 10, 2012
Kiowa, September 10, 2012

I am really glad that they have each other.  I think it makes it easier on them.  They started playing a little late yesterday evening and now as I look out the window at them they are taking a nap in the morning sun together.  Kootenai is laying down and Kiowa is standing beside him.

I first saw these two in August of 2010.  At the time I did not know the horses very well, so I did not realize it was Lakota and his band that I saw until I looked through the photos a few weeks ago.

The next time I saw them was in October of 2010.

Half Moon, Kiowa, Kootenai and Heritage, June 24, 2010. Photo by Deb Little.
Kiowa, October, 2010
Kootenai, August, 2010
Heritage, Kootenai’s mother, August 30, 2012
Half Moon, May 20, 2012 (Kiowa’s mother)
Lakota, July, 2011

I feel really lucky to have been able to watch these two grow on the range.  I wish they could have stayed to live out their lives free like both their father Lakota ( 1992-July 2012) and mothers Half Moon and Heritage, but it was not to be.

Kiowa, March 2012
Kiowa, July 2012
Kootenai, April 2012
Kootenai, July, 2012
Kootenai and Kiowa, September 10, 2012
Kootenai, September 10, 2012
Kiowa, September 10, 2012

But if they cannot be free, I am happy and blessed that they can be with me.  I will be sure to post updates on them often.


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37 thoughts on “Kiowa and Kootenai

  • Hi Sandy I was stopping by for the 2nd time today to see if there were any new updates and here you are. It sure will be wonderful to see their progress and how they grow with you. I bet all of your other horses are quite curious about Kiowa & Kootenai…What a wonderful happening for them to end up there with you and with that deep connection to Lakota, it truly is a love story. Bless all of them and you….

  • They both are so beautiful. I’m loving the black ringed around each ear on both. So cool! Looking forward to hearing more about them.

  • What a beautiful pair. You’re right he does look like his father. Blessings to you and them for a long friendship.

  • Oh Sandy, what a heartwarming report. Blessings to you and your new family. They are so lucky to have you as their guardian! Will you ever break them to ride? Lakatoa’s offspring, how lovely.

  • I think they recognize you too, which I’m sure is helping ease the transition. So happy for you that you ended up with these two! And I’m so glad they will have such a wonderful home. I love the baby picture of the two of them, they’re adorable!! And Kootenai was so stripey even as a new born! That picture from July 2012 of Kootenai is one of my favorites of him and I love the one of Kiowa in the snow too 🙂 Looking forward to keeping up with your new journey together!

  • I’m noticing it now too how much Kootenai looks like his father. He seems curious! I remember Ginger saying something about the first time she encountered Lakota, he had sneeked up behind her and stood a few feet away before she was aware of him. I think it ended with both of them being spooked!
    Thanks for the updates!

  • Thank you for a beautiful update:) It’s amazing that Kootenai feels so safe around you already, and even though Kiowa is a little more timid she will come around soon.. She will learn from tough little Kootenai;) His story (and Knight for that matter) has made me ache inside so many times – being seperated from the mother and from the herd at such a young age as he was must have been such a difficult time for him and I am so happy to see this story have a happy ending:) They couldn’t have gotten a better home:) Loving their ears too btw.. hehe, loving everything:)

    • Thank you Anne! Yes, I have been watching Kootenai go through what Knight did. But when Kootenai got separated from his mother in the winter of 2010-11, Cappuccino took him in and he remained with that band until his removal. Poor Knight got taken in by Lakota, but when Grijala took over that band, he was told to go. There certainly are a lot of similarities to their stories! I just adore them both!

      • It says a lot of both Cappuccino and Lakota, to take in these colts and give them a home. They sure are some special animals. It was so great to see how well Kootenai and Kodiak got along then, and now to know he will have the best company in Kiowa and a loving home for the rest of his time:) Do you know if Knight has settled down with some of the bachelors? I recall to have seen him with several of the different groups. Would be nice if he and London became friends:)

      • I saw Knight when I was there a couple weeks ago. He was back with the Forest Service Boys (Inali, Hernando and Hamlet). London was with Irial, Garay and Jupiter.

  • Wow, how lucky you are to end up with two of Lakota’s offspring! Will you be able to train these horses and ride them? Or will they just live the rest of their days happily on your land?

  • So glad to take a break from my homework and see this instead! 🙂
    And I absolutely love the picture with both of them as babies, SO CUTE!
    Your horses and the center’s seem to be coming around really fast, which is good!
    Can’t wait until your next post (:

  • You are SO blessed to have Lakota still with you! And how amazing and rare it is to end up with two horses that you’ve watched from their first summer- I wish I knew more about my boy’s past, who his parents were and what he looked like roaming free as a little colt. You have such a wonderful adventure in front of you!

  • I don’t think it was luck that brought the three of you together — it was fate. There has always been a bond between you… those early pictures of Kiowa in the winter were the ones that made me realize how beautiful duns can be, even without face markings. It doesn’t surprise me that Valerosa tries to act the boss, doesn’t she, after all, have seniority? 🙂 I am happy and impressed that you have the patience to allow them to take their time settling in and get used to their surroundings… no rush. It’s funny how curious and alert to everything Kootenai is — that is great for everyone all around. And thanks to Deb Little for sharing the great photo of the two of them together as foals… really special.

    • Thank Joy, I think you are right! 🙂 This morning Kootenai let me reach out and pet his nose. He actually seemed to like it. Kiowa stretched her neck wayyy out and took a treat from me last night. I think they got used to goodies from the bait trapping. It was months before Valerosa would take a treat from me. I love every minute of this journey! 🙂

      • aawww Kootenai really seems to have bonded with you already. Was he one of the ones who came up to you when they were in the corrals at Britton Springs? And I knew Kiowa would come around soon 🙂 I think it probably helps their confidence that they have eachother too!

      • No, Kootenai did not come up to me when he was in the pens. He would stay behind the big boys in the pen. (Jumping Badger, Kodiak, Kane and Jedadiah). Little Leo would come up to me in the yearling pen. 🙂 Yes, it is good they have each other. Kootenai feels like the band stallion that he knew he could be someday! He really protects Kiowa, but also likes to boss her around a bit too! 🙂

  • Beautiful pictures Sandy!
    I am so happy that you have them both…Lakota’s Legacy, and Joy is right….FATE!!!
    they both have the best home in the world…besides being still free on the range!
    I look forward to pictures of them as they grow.
    thank you Sandy!

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