Liesl and Kaibab Update from Lori.

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Ever since Liesl and Kaibab were adopted by the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center on September 8th 2012,
Diane Granger and myself have been the care givers to Liesl and Kaibab. Feeding them, and working with gentling them down have been our responsibility, and believe me it has been a wonderful experience and those two horses have been a part of my life as well as Diane’s since day one.Diane has been a board member for about 6 years, and was also married to my father for 25 years, so we are very close. Both Diane and I love them very much, and I believe that they both have come to know, trust and Love us as well.When the Mustang Center decided that Liesl and Kaibab needed a new home it was a no brainer that they should go to live with Diane.  So, we talked Jimmy into building yet another shelter for Liesl and Kaibab up at  Diane’s place. Her property is about 5 miles from the center so they did not have to travel far.She already owns two other Pryor horses named Kristy & Charlotte, and a goat named Dolly.Finally after a month of hard work the shelter and corral were ready for Liesl & Kaibab.  Thanks to the expertise of Nancy and Steve Cerroni, both horses were loaded up into their trailer and taken to Diane’s.

Here are some pictures of Liesl and Kaibab at their new home. They seem very content and happy and are getting
acquainted with Dolly the goat, Charlotte and Kristy.

Charlotte is from Blanca and a stallion who was taken off of the range and adopted. I am not sure of his name. Kristy is from Chino & Belle Star.

There are two other horses outside of the property that belong to the neighbors and
they are in one of the photo’s.
I know they will have the best of care and we both will continue working with them. I am happy for both horses and just looking into their eyes I can tell they feel safe and they know that they are with someone who they trust and have come to love. That is enough for me, and I will continue to be a part of their lives, which means
the world to me.

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Update on Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration.

The Powell Tribune did a story on Liesl.  It made front page in today’s paper.  I found a link to the article and you can read it by clicking on LIESL

Also below Lori gave us a wonderful collection of photos and a short report on the “Three Musketeers”, Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration!

Thank you Lori and congratulations on the wonderful article in the Tribune!


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On Friday the 21st of December Liesl and Kaibab finally got to be let out into the field at the Center.

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Although Exhilaration has been at the Center for awhile now, he has not had the chance to run and play with them.

IMG_1504 (1024x683)
It was amazing to watch them all run and play. I had a tear in my eye as I watched them run like the wind!

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I was concerned for Liesl as there are a few ditches that run parallel out in the field, but she did great.
She did stumble a few times, but now she knows exactly where the “trouble” spots are. They all know where the fence is.
Liesl sticks real close to Kaibab.

Every day we let them out in the field and in the evening they are let back in their corral. Exhilaration will stay on the
outside for a few more nights and then I believe that we can let them all stay together as they are getting along very well.

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For the visitors who come to see them in 2013, it will be a sight to behold, especially when they are all running.


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Update on Liesl and Kaibab

Lori sent me some photos of Liesl and Kaibab and said I could share them!  Thanks Lori!!  They both look great!  Also Lori sent some photos of her other horses: Nebraska and Red Dawn.

Here is Lori’s message:

Eating Is What We Do Best!

Here are a few pictures of Kaibab and Liesl.  As you can see Liesl has put on some weight and is doing very well. Kaibab is a little pop-belly and is healthy as well. I got them some mare/foal food yesterday and Liesl is not sure if she likes it, but Kaibab (the one who does not need it as much) likes it. She will get used to it and it will be good for her. I only give them a small coffee can full each per day. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe with the weather getting a little bit warmer I will be able to work with them again…I still have not used the lead rope yet.

Also, here are a couple of pics of my horses…Nebraska (full brother to Garcia) and Red Dawn (from Dale and Daphne’s breeding stock of Pryors).
I think they both posed for me…perfect picture! As you can see they are very healthy…putting on the winter fat!
I went out to the Dryhead and all I saw was an empty road!
Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl
Red Dawn and Nebraska
Empty Dryhead Road!

Thanks Lori!

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Adoption/September 8, 2012

I am just going to make a brief update.  The most important thing is EVERYONE got adopted.  They had to send a few through a second time, but everyone went home with someone.

The PMWMC adopted Liesl and Kaibab.  I adopted Kiowa and Kootenai!  They are both Lakota’s offspring!

The highest price horse today was Kerry and her foal Maclean.  They went for $2,300.

I delivered the horses to the Center today.  Early tomorrow I will pick mine up and head for home!

UPDATE:  Click ADOPTION PRICES  and that will take you to the photos of those adopted.  I added the price that each sold for by their names.

Kootenai, July, 2012


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Removal Update, July 26, 2012, # 13

One horse was removed later in the day on the 25th.  It was Kaibab.  Kaibab is the 2010 son of Fiasco and Doc.  I remember seeing Kaibab shortly after he was born, in August 2010.  I have enjoyed watching him turn from a small little colt until a strong looking young stallion.  I am going to really miss him.

Kaibab, October 2010
Fiasco and Kaibab, October, 2010
Kaibab, October, 2011
Kaibab, July 2012


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