Who Will Have Foals This Year? ( part two)

Today we are going to look at 7 more bands, from the mountain top, that may have foals this year.  I am going to wait until after my trip to the Pryor’s to post our guesses on the Dryhead horses.   The first band that we are going to look at is Morning Stars Band.

Galaxy and Morning Star, September, 2011

There is one, possibly two and a tiny maybe on a third and forth. This is one band that I did not get very good photos of this year.  They were always just a little bit to far away or resting in the trees.  So if anyone has better photos of them and want to share with us, please let me know.

The first mare is Galalic Princess.  She is the grulla mare with a star and lg snip, with a left hind sock.  The second mare that may have a foal (a maybe) is Harmony.  She is the dun mare with the left hind sock and right hind pastern.  Then a really tiny maybe is Joviana.  She is only going to be 3 this year.  But by some reports, she may be pregnant, so we will list her here as well.  She is another grulla with a small star, snip, left hind sock and right hind sock.  The forth mare that may foal is also a really tiny maybe.  It is Shadow (Hail Storm).  She is the smoky blue roan.

Don’t forget that you can click on the photos to make them larger and if you click on them again, they will go full size and you can really zoom in on theses horses.

Morning Star Band, September, 2011

The next band is Custer’s Band.  Fiasco had little Leo last year.  She may have another one this year.  Leo is Custer’s only living offspring, so it would be nice if they added another one to their band.

Custer, October, 2011
Fiasco, October, 2011
Fiasco and Leo, October, 2011

Now we will move on and look at Cloud’s Band.  There is only one in this band that may foal this year.  It is the beautiful Feldspar, the daughter of Starman and Rosarita.  Cloud did not have any foals of his own last year.  The foal that was born in his band, Lynx (pictured at the top of this post) is actually the son of Incoentes and Ferdinand.  Ferdinand died or went missing during the winter last year (2010-2011).

Cloud, October, 2011
Feldspar, July 2011

Next is Bolder’s Band.  Again we have one mare in this band that may be pregnant.  But there may be some surprises in any of these bands that we don’t know about.  The mare in Bolder’s band is Celt, she is the daughter of  Mateo and Electra.  Celt is also the mother of Killian (Echo).

Bolder, July, 2011
Celt, July, 2010
Bolder and Killian (Echo), July 2011
Celt and Killian (Echo), July 2011

Next is Blue Moon’s (Flint) Band.  The mare that may foal in this band is the sorrel roan, Halcyon.  She is the mother of the pretty 2009 filly, Judith.  Halcyon is the daughter of Blue Sioux and Red Raven.

Blue Moon's (Flint) band, September, 2011
Halcyon with Red Raven's band, September, 2010 ( 3rd from the left)
Halcyon, July, 2011 (on the left)
Blue Moon (Flint) band, July 2011. Halcyon on the left.
Judith, mom Halcyon is on the left, July 2011

Next is Red Raven’s (Coronado).  There are two mares that may have foals this year in this band.  Autumn (Fools Gold), and Dove.  Autumn (Fools Gold) is one  of my favorite mares on the range.  She is the daughter of Amathyst (Texas) and Shaman, her name is Fools Gold (Autumn) I always seem to see her when I am there.  She and her gorgous little filly Kiva (Kicksalot) are a beautiful site. I remember in August of 2010 when she decided to leave her band where her mother was (Bolder) and go with Red Raven.  Her mother (Amathyst (Texas)) spent the entire day calling for her.  I felt sad for Amathyst, but it was time for Fools Gold ( Autumn) to find a band of her own.

Red Raven (Coranado) and Fools Gold (Autumn), October, 2010
Red Raven's (Coranodo) Band, July 2011
Autumn (Fools Gold) and Kiva (Kicksalot), July 2011

Another mare in Red Raven’s (Coronado) band that my foal is Dove.  She is the daughter of Phoenix and Teton(Diamond).

Dove, October 2010
Dove, July 2011

There is one more band that may have a foal from the top of the mountain.  The young  grullo stallion Garcia took Bristol’s mare and two filly’s early last summer.   I did not see him and his new band this year.  I saw Garcia when he was a bachelor the summer 2010.  I have video footage of him, but no photos.  You can see him at 1:02 on the video at the bottom of this post.  The mare Greta may have a foal this year.  I have been waiting for a few days to see if any of my friends have photos of him and his band.  No one seems to have any, so I thought I would go ahead and post anyway.  If I am able to locate some photos I will post them.

Of course there is a chance that some of these guesses are wrong and we may get some extra surprises from some of the other mares!

16 thoughts on “Who Will Have Foals This Year? ( part two)

  • They are all so beautiful!!!!!Feldspar and Celt are so pretty. Can’t wait to see the new babies that are born…thanks Sandy and always enjoy the videos, love how they play..

  • Feldspar really is awfully pretty. I have a pic of her from Sept. standing in the water in Krueger’s pond, head up, ears perked looking at something. I love it ALMOST as much as the one you have of her on here. I have one of her and Jupiter from when she was with Flint that I really like, too. They were such a neat pair.

    I love Dove’s coloring, too. And Fools’ Gold. I just really can’t settle on a favorite at this point. They’re ALL so beautiful, each in their own way. Your pictures are GREAT.

    Do you know if Damsel was given PZP in time to prevent a foal this year. You do know that she had a foal, most likely from Cloud, in Sept. that was blind and had no lower jaw, (an immediate death sentence for any grazing animal trying to live in terrain like the Range), don’t you? It was named Liberty before it died at a few days old. So sad. I was there at the time it was born and it died before I left. I have pics, but don’t like to look at them. Fortunately that’s a rare occurence, and hopefully, it won’t happen again. Hopefully one of those handsome young stallions like Grijala will come and steal her away.

    Looking forward to your next post. THANKS!

    My spirit will be with you on your sojourn to the Range next month…

    • Thanks Linda. Damsel (Dancer) was born in 2003, so she was probably not given PZP. I guess I missed listing her. I knew she had a foal. I saw her about a week before she foaled and then right after Liberty died. Linda, we almost saw each other on the mountain! I agree, it was sad. Luckily for Liberty he only lived a few days and did not suffer long.

      • I heard that Dancer was one of 7 lucky survivors in 2003 to not fall prey to the mountain lions. Im sure Texas was going through a tough time with Autumn leaving the band. It’s the hardest thing for a parent to do. Letting their children go on their own. I think Autumn and Kicks Alot seem a lot happier

      • Hi Jonathan! Thank you for that information. I am glad she survived, she is quite a beauty! Texas (Amathyst) seems fine now. It will be interesting to see which band she is with now. Autumn (Fools Gold) and Kicksalot (kiva) are doing really well in Red Raven’s (Coronado) band now.

      • I heard that Texas is with Flint and his band now. Maybe she’ll go back to Bolder soon. I wonder when Feldspar will be back with Flint and if Cloud’s going to win Velvet back or not

      • Im glad Dancer survived but Im sad that her foal Liberty didnt make it. I know her family took care of Dancer after she lost her son and she just needed time and comfort to heal

  • HI Sandy, Great photos and good guessing on the “who may foal in 2012”. I think in Prince’s harem that maybe Hera could foal this year. Prince has Ireland, who had Limerick last year, and also Pococeno. Last I knew he still has these mares and little Limerick who is Black, with a large star, disconnected strip, left front sock and right hind sock. He was so cute when I was up there, playing with Lander! I do have pictures of them, so I will see if I can send them to you.
    On the DryHead I believe there is only Cecelia in Sitting Bulls Band, Fresia and Halo of the Sun in Merlins band. Of course there may always be some surprises for us all!
    I just love seeing the foals. They are so full of spirit!
    Thanks again for your beautiful photos and for taking the time to share them with us.
    See you soon.

  • Do you know who was the father of Adelina(Judith)? It’s a good thing that Red Raven, Blue Sioux, Adona, Halcyon, and Adelina werent rounded up in 2009. Im still sad that 15 horses couldnt be released to their mountain home but Im glad they’re together. I hope the horses rounded up and auctioned off are doing fine in their new homes

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    I was introduced to these blogs just the other day and man if you love horses and the freedom and beautiful country sights, this is one of the blogs that will give you update information on the wild mustangs in some of the areas out there. I hope everyone will enjoy these blogs as much as I have :). Thanks to those who keep all updated and just LOVE the horses that they blog about so much :). I will :).

  • They are definitely beautiful and breath taking! I just reblogged this onto my blog that I just started in September. Everyone involved in keeping us up to date and involved with these beautiful horse, please please keep up the great work.

  • I know how Texas felt when her daughter and granddaughter left her and their band. It’s the hardest thing a parent can do and that’s watching their kids growing up and letting them go. I’m sure Texas was so proud of her daughter and how much she had grown. Hope Autumn has a baby soon

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