Who Will Have Foals This Year? ( part one)

I thought it would be nice to do a post and include photos of the horses that Alex and I think may have foals this year. So let’s take a look at who may be pregnant this year based on  who was not given PZP.  All mares born from 2002-2006 were not given it.  The mares born in 2007 may possibly be pregnant this year, so we will include them in this list.   It will be fun to watch these horses and see if we are right.

I also wanted to mention the recent article that came out about PZP.   Matt Dillon from PMWMC had a post on Sunday with a link to an article on PZP. ( http://www.pryormustangs.org/mustang_blog.shtml)  I thought I would also include that link here as well. I had not seen this article, but when I read Monday’s Missoulian it was also in there.    Please read it.  http://billingsgazette.com/news/local/epa-approves-horse-contraceptive-produced-by-local-nonprofit/article_b2d20e87-ab58-50fb-819b-d4b7a875ec98.html

In May of 2010 I met with Jay Kirkpatrick.  There was a lot of negativity going around about PZP and I wanted to go and meet Dr. Kirkpatrick and talk to him more about PZP.   Billings is about 5 or so hours from me, but I felt it was worth the drive to go and meet him and try to understand PZP better. Dr. Kirkpatrick was very easy to talk to and he was more than happy to give us a tour of his facility.  I left there with a better understanding of PZP.

So now let’s get to the list of mares that may foal this year!  The one thing that I learned while I was going through my photos was that I am so in love with the stallions that I have not been getting very good mare photos.  I vow from now on to get better mare photos!

Let’s start with the mountain top bands.   Let’s look at 7 different bands today, on my next post we will look at 7 more.

Cappuccino’s Band:

Gabrielle had a filly last year named Lilly.  Gabrielle is the daughter of Brumby and Jackson.

Cappuccino, July 2011
Cappuccino and Gabrielle, July 2011
Gabrielle, July 2011
Gabrielle and Lilly, July 2011

Doc’s Band.  The mare Gold Rush (Cabaret’s full sister) had the colt London last year.  She too may foal again this year.

Doc and Gold Rush, August 2011
Gold Rush, August, 2011

Santa Fe’s Band.  Demure is the beautiful grulla daughter of Two Boots and Broken Bow.  Demure had the beautiful black filly Kindra in 2010.

Santa Fe and Broken Bow, July 2011
Demure, July 2011

Teton’s (Diamond) Band.  Half Moon was born in 2007, to Rosarita and Starman, so she might possibly foal this year.  She is one of those mares that I did not get a good photo of.  If anyone would like to send me a better photo of her, I will post it here and give you photo credit!

Teton (Diamond), October 2010
Teton's Band, October, 2011, Half Moon is second the from left.

Dukes Band.  There are two mares in Duke’s band that may have foals.

Duke, August 2011

The first mare in Duke’s band that may have a foal is Graciana.  She is the daughter of the powerful stallion Baja and the mare Bacardi.

Graciana, August, 2011

The second mare in Duke’s band that may have a foal is Helenium.  Helenium is the daughter of Rosebud and Sandman.

Helenium, August, 2011

Helenium was born in 2007, so she is one of those “maybes”.

Jackson’s Band.  There may be three mares in this band that may foal this year.

Jackson, October, 2011

Galena, the daughter of Mariah and Lakota.   She had the foal Lander this year.  Lander is the grandson of Lakota.

Galena, October, 2011
Lander, Galena and Jackson, October, 2011

Firestorm had the colt LaDoux last year.  She is the daughter of Cloud and Velvet.

Firestorm and LaDoux, October, 2011
Firestorm and LaDoux, October, 2011

Heritage, Warbonnet and  Lakota’s daughter, is a maybe.

Hertiage, October 2011

The last band that I am going to post today is Chance’s (Tecumseh) Band.  This photo of Chance(Tecumseh) was taken around 5:30 am.  That is why it is not very clear.

Chance (Tecumseh), July 2011.

The mare in Chance’s(Tecumseh) band that may foal is Galadrial.  Galadrial is the daughter of Duke and Atlantis.

Jacinta,Galadrial and Bella (Beullah), July 2011

On my next trip to the Pryor’s (next week!!) I hope I will be able to update everyone with more current photos (and better!!) of some of these mares.


9 thoughts on “Who Will Have Foals This Year? ( part one)

  • Hi Sandy~Oh this will be exciting to see, for sure and can’t wait to see more pictures from your next visit… I read the article about the PZP and I know something has to be done to counteract what the BLM are doing, in my opinion. I won’t get in to it here as to how I feel about the destroying of blood lines and family bands and the casualties that are common place :(….I hope that there are no bad side effects down the road from this as it is not natural and messing with nature usually has it’s consequences? The lesser of the two evils? All I know is I want to see this rounding up stopped and it sure would be nice to see some horse advocates sitting on the BLM board..

    Thank you for this blog and have a great trip next week, keep warm and blow kisses to those horses from me, lol

  • Do you know any other mares will have a foal this year like any mares in Cloud’s band, Bolder’s band, Flint’s band, Red Raven’s band, or Morning Star’s band?

      • Im sure the foals that will be born this year is going to be a surprise. We’ll have to wait and see who’s going to foal. It’ll be so exciting to see a wild mustang foal being born if someone filmed it

      • It would be nice if I could get it on film. But I am not sure if it would be good to get that close to them during that. We would not want the mare to feel like she is in any danger.

      • We woudnt want that to happen. You could change your camera lens or get a camera that can flim close from a far distance

  • I don’t see anything wrong with the pics you have, but will be glad to see more, too. Don’t think I have any of Half Moon, but will check. I’m quite sure there would be one in the archives on Pryor Wild. Firestorm sure makes a beautiful subject to photograph, especially with LeDoux by her side. What’s your guess on whether he will eventually be a blue roan instead of solid black? I think there might be a chance as he appeared to have a little white showing when I saw him in Sept. Maybe it was just baby hair tho.

    Gabrielle sure is a superb example of the old bloodline look, and she sure has that very sturdy look from her parents. I think I have a cute one of her when she was a foal, somewhere in my archives. Beautiful!

    The mares are very interesting, and I never get as many good pics of them as I’d like either. I’d love to do a calendar for myself with all mares/foals together sometime. I really like Bakken, Cascade, Fresia, Sacajawea, Hightail, Seneca and—oh heck, I love them all!

    Thanks again for everything you do Sandy. I envy you getting to speak with Dr. Kirkpatrick. He’s one of the very earliest supporters of the local citizens of the Lovell area who supported the horses and established the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Assoc. He is quoted in informational materials the Mustang Center provides for those interested in learning about the herd as saying “The Pryor horses are a very unique primitively marked type of horse and well worth saving”. I hope he can keep up his good works for a long time.

    Looking forward to more pics and information on the issues facing the horses and the Range.

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