Never a dull moment

One of the reasons why I award a trip to the Pryors is to hopefully inspire another generation to carry on the torch. Abbie has done that and so much more. She is currently in her grad program which includes a study of these horses that have meant so much to me. I am humbled to see the torch that she is carrying on for the horses. Pay it forward Abbie, I know you will.
Please enjoy her post and follow her for a new love and opinion of them. I can’t wait to spend another summer with this amazing young woman.

Pryor Hoofprints

Sometimes people will ask me what I do all day on the mountain, and question whether I ever get bored with “just watching horses.” And the honest answer is “No.” As many visitors to the mountain can tell you, just sitting and watching the horses interact in their normal life is fascinating, and often supremely peaceful.

Of course, life isn’t always quiet on the range. When Sandy and I reached the top on our first trip last year, we set up camp under the watchful eyes of Jackson, Mandan, and Nodin. I was itching to get pictures of these guys observing me building a tent, but, alas, tent construction and photography don’t exactly go hand in hand!

IMG_5871 cr Nirvana investigates the fire pit outside Penn’s Cabin

Once camp was set up, we headed towards Penn’s Cabin, which isn’t somewhere I had spent much time at previously. Here we found the bands of…

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