2016, Name Game, The “Q” Year

Ireland and Pegasus, July 4, 2015

It’s time for the Forth Annual Wild In The Pryors, “Name Game”!  This is the post where any of you can suggest names for the 2016 foals born in the Pryors.  Of course, like on all the previous years, I can not guarantee that they will be used, but it will be fun to list them, and I do know that every time I discovered a foal, I came to this post to look at all of the suggestions.  And if you can, please include the meaning for the name, it would be very helpful to know that when deciding which name should go with whatever mare/band had the foal.

In 2000, the BLM started using a letter for each year of foals, starting with A.  This year is the Q year.  So please feel free to list your ideas in the comment section of this post.  To read more about this system and why we use names, please refer to my Name Game post that I did last in 2013.  Click on Name Game to go there.

I am looking forward to reading all of your suggestions!  If someone else has already posted your name idea, please list it again anyway.  It will be fun to see what the most popular name suggestions are!  Thank you!


Pegasus, July 4, 2015

61 thoughts on “2016, Name Game, The “Q” Year

  • Oh Q is hard.

    Quartz, people seem to like naming these horses after minerals.
    Quique (this is a nickname for the Spanish name Enrique and is pronounced “Ki-kay”, not Quwee-quay)

    Somebody mentioned “Querido,” for beloved. Querida is the feminine version and can be used for a filly. 🙂

    Quorra (like Cora)
    Quetzalcoatl (I’m not sure WHERE I heard of this name but I know it’s real because on Wikipedia it says it is the Mexican god of wine and learning. I knew it was Hispanic related)

    But that’s all I have. “Quack” keeps coming to mind and I really hate it so I really hope no one uses it.

      • Oh and I can’t believe I forgot this but Quatre means four in French. 🙂 Quatorze is fourteen. And you can insert Quel/Quelle (like that other horse Quelle Couleur, not sure how it’s spelled but that is the French way).

        Oh and quatrain for the poetically inclined. 🙂

  • Dear Sandy, thank you for the wonderful photos. I love your photos. Here is my suggestion for a female: Queenie ( in German we say “Königin”) and for a male: Quirino (Second name of Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome) Best regards

  • Queen is a fairly obvious one for any Duke fillies, though Queen Gertrude might work for a Hamlet filly as well, carrying on the Shakespearean references, not that it would be my first choice! Queen Mab for a Morgana or a Merlin filly is another option. But, well, Q is a tricky year!

    Quartz for a Feldspar or Jewel foal, I suppose. Or maybe Quaha, which apparently is a Pueblo word for white coral.

    Quinn for an Ireland or Gaelic Princess foal. Quenya for a Galadriel foal.

    Quirinus (Roman deity) for a colt from Hera or Maia. Also appropriate would be Quintin, Quintus (which means “fifth”, so could be a good name for the fifth foal of the year; the feminine version is Quinta, with a sweet diminutive Quintilla). Riffing on the five theme you also get Quintessa/Quintessence, and for the fifteenth foal, if a filly, Quinceañera.

    Perhaps a colt named for Quanah Parker, or his Quahadi people.

    A Gabrielle foal actually lucks out with a respectable choice of Australian Aboriginal names: Quambaloo (eucalyptus tree), Quidong (place of echoes), Quirindi (tree on a mountain top), Quaralia (star).

    I am quite fond of Quasar for a Galaxy foal; similarly scientific is Quark, but that’s rather a rotten name; Quantum is a bit better.

    Quatrefoil or Quercus (Latin name for the oak) for any of the mares with flower or plant names, like Helenium and Juniper.

    Quetzal or Quill for an Audobon foal.

    Throwing out names at random there’s Quest, Quaker, Quadrangle, Quo Vadis, Quizzical, Quickstep, Qismet (alternative spelling of Kismet), Quagga for a particularly stripy baby, Quaver, Quiver, Quixote, Quizá (meaning “perhaps”). If anyone wants an African theme and is happy to click, Qaqamba is a girl’s name in Xhosa meaning “brightness”. (In Xhosa the letter “q” is pronounced by putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth and pulling it away fast.)

    You know, there are actually quite a few good Q-names after all!

  • I have a post on my phone that I started on the mountain last August that I’ve been updating ever since, so here we go:
    –Quasar (a type of galaxy which is especially bright–obs a Galaxy foal!)
    –Quicken (an Old English word meaning to bring life)
    –Quenya (the elvish language used in Lord of the Rings)
    –Quondam ( meaning ‘that once was’)
    –Quagga (a now extinct type of equid)
    –Quorum ( old English word for the number of people needed to make up a law assembly)

    Looking back, I’m struggling to work out which mares might foal this year so have left off most mare/stallion suggestions!

    • Hi Emma, I will make a post soon with what mares may foal, although it seems in the last few years, that has been less and less accurate. Your name collection is great, good for you to have started last year while on the mountain. I am very fond of another Galaxy foal, so Quasar is great! Thanks again Emma!

  • Quidditch /ˈkwɪdɪtʃ/ is a competitive sport in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter, where the fly around on brooms sort of like Polo but in the air. not really an equine name but it is a cool “Q” name

  • Hello,
    From Paris (France) here is my contribution 😀
    – quartz
    – quick star
    – quatuor
    – quantum
    – querelle
    – quésako
    – quetsche
    – quatre-quart
    – quadrille
    – quarto
    – quinoa
    – quinte
    – quito
    – quentin
    – quad
    – qi gong

  • Yay! Always love this post 😀

    Here are a couple off the top of my head from my list, I’ll add more later 🙂
    Love that picture of Ireland and Pegasus <3

    General Names
    Quinn (colt or filly)

    Quest-Galaxy foal
    Quartz-Fool's Gold or Feldspar foal
    Quirindi (there are a bunch of other Aboriginal names I have to locate but I really like this one! I like the others suggested below too 🙂 )-Gabrielle

    I really like Quenya for a Galadriel foal!

    • As someone pointed out in one of the comments, Quartz would also work well for a Jewel colt or filly….and Quinn is an excellent choice for a filly or colt out of (fingers crossed!!) Gaelic Princess 🙂

      I think Queen Mab is quite cute-could also be used for a Hamlet filly!

      I like Quintessence as a suggestion-maybe for a foal that is super stripy and is the “quintessential” Pryor mustang? 🙂 Kind of a play on words there but could be fun!

      Any of the French names would work well for a Kohl foal to hearken back to Quelle Colour….could also use Question Mark as “Quelle” means “What.” In that same vein, the suggestion of Quiz works too….

      Quiver could work for a Demure foal as it’s in the kind of mild tempered/shy vein….
      Quiet for a Halcyon foal, perhaps? Or some variation of….

      People have made some really fantastic suggestions! Q is definitely hard but I think there are some good options out there! Quartet is super cute, not sure how to connect it to a line just yet but I’m sure there is a way! I also really like Quickstep as a suggestion! Was thinking Quicksilver could work for a particularly pale foal.

  • Oh I keep thinking of more.

    Quechua which I think is pretty cool. It’s a language spoken by a couple of million indigenous people in South America. It was the language spoken by the Incas.

    And Quito which is the capital of Ecuador. 🙂

  • With Quinn being a favorite, I’m glad for that 😉 I’d love to see a little Miss Quinn, being a song by Enya and being my own name 😀 Another I don’t think was mentioned is Quicksand. I like sticking with nature or natural things, so Quartz, Quail, Quicksilver, (Earth) Quake, and Quick Sand. And Quasar for Galaxy. 😀
    I like the suggestion fro Question Mark, for any descendant of the mare Exclaim, though I don’t know if she has any. (Don) Quixote keeps a Spanish theme. And definitely Quenya for a Galadriel foal.

    This will be tough year to name, and that is for sure!

  • I like the name Quest very much for a foal as it ties in to the Pryor history with the vision quest and healing beds of the native people on the mountain.

  • I am proposing Quinault and Quileute, Native American tribes here in Washington and, of course, Quelle ____ TBD, if Kohl has another foal this year, after her dam who was the coolest mare ever!

  • (Quintessential) – representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality.

    Quincy for short?

    Love your blog!

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