First Pryor Foal of 2016

Bella and Quiera, born on 2-2-2016

Earlier this week, I received an email from my friend Cedric.   Cedric was emailing to share the news of a new Pryor foal that was born.

Cedric and his family live in France.   He and his family joined me on the mountain for a camping trip in 2014, where we all became good friends.  Before that trip and after, we have kept in close contact, I hope they can join me again one day, or perhaps I can journey over to France to visit them and see these beautiful horses in person.

Cedric has his own little band of Pryor Horses in France.  In March of 2014 their mare Bella gave birth to the first Pryor foal born in Europe.  I published a post about that birth, you can read it by clicking on BELLA.  

Targa and Bella in France

The stallion, Targa is the son of Starbuck, the mare Bella was born in captivity, and is the granddaughter of Shaman.  You can read more about their history by clicking on the above link.

So once again, a new little Pryor Horse is born in Europe, only the second one, and the first Pryor foal of 2016.  I find it so amazing how cherished these horses are, but have no doubt why they are.

Bella and little Quiera

So welcome little girl.  Keeping with the 2016 theme of the letter Q for all Pryor foals born this year, Cedric has named this little one, Quiera.  In Spanish the meaning is, “to feel affection for, or to love”.  What a beautiful name, and I know she is very loved by her family.

Thank you Cedric for sharing this wonderful news!


Bella and Quiera


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