A New Book About The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

I met Christine Reed on the mountain top in June 2012.  She and Lori met Linda and I for the day.  It was then I learned of her upcoming book.  I think it will be a great one!

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted Chris and asked if she would give us an update on her upcoming book about the Pryor Horses.  Here is what she had to say!

Thanks Chris and I am looking forward to the finished product!



Hi Everyone!

Sandy asked me to post something on her blog about my book project.  She thought there might be some interest.

My first time on the range was June, 2009 at a wild horse workshop with Lynne Pomeranz.  I have come back every summer since.

I am starting to get into wild horse photography.  You can go to my website by clicking on CReed, or by clicking on my name and website on the right of this post under Blogs and Websites.

I have included a couple of photographs with this post.  The one of Admiral was taken shortly before he was killed in July 2011.  The other one is of Hidatsa and Hidalgo.

My “day Job” is as a professor of public administration at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  I have been doing research on public management of wild horses in the U.S. and other countries, especially the Netherlands.

My current research project is a book-length history of efforts by the citizens of Lovell over the years to preserve the Pryor Mountain Mustang.  The working title is “Grass Roots on the Public Range” and I am now in the midst of writing.  The publication date will likely be next fall.

I spent most of last summer in Lovell working out of the PMWMC in their archives.  I also did interviews with past and present board members and others from the Lovell area involved with the Pryor wild herd over the past 40 + years.

The Pryor herd is important to a lot of people, but in this book I focus on a core group of Lovell wild horse advocates whose vision has been to support creation of a Range to preserve Pryor Mountain Mustangs as a unique strain of Colonial Spanish Horse.

Lynne Pomeranz (you can click on her website on the right of this post, listed under blogs and websites) has published a book of amazing photographs, “Among Wild Horses,” and Pat Fazio published detailed research on the period leading up to the creation of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.  I believe that my book will be the first history of the entire 40 year period.

Christine Reed.


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