Introducing Cloud the Stallion, the World’s Most Famous Wild Horse

Cloud, October, 2011
Cloud, October, 2011

Another blog-post from my guest Amelie. A very refreshing account of Cloud by someone that did not know who he was. And Amelie, that is Maia and Odyssey in that one photo, from the band run by the famous stallion Galaxy, son of Lakota!

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Lost in Traducción

For those of you who are not familiar with the herd of wild mustangs that call the Pryor Mountains home in Montana, it is reasonable to assume you may have never heard of a wild stallion named Cloud. When I initially discovered Sandy’s blog Wild in the Pryors, I ooh-ed and  ah-ed over her exceptional pictures of the horses but I did not try to keep track of all their names. There were just too many of them to remember. Gradually, I started noticing other posters freaking out in the comments every time Sandy posted a picture of Cloud or mentioned him in a post. Yet I remained utterly baffled by the amount of attention this horse seemed to receive. Seriously, what was the big deal with this stallion? Just the mere mention of his name sent people into a frenzy, not unlike the mania that used…

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Cloud the Stallion, the World’s Most Famous Wild Horse

  1. Sandy, thanks for sharing Amelie’s experience with the Pryor horses. Thank you, Amelie. It is always enlightening to read of a first time visit with the horses. It is amazing not only how quickly they steal our hearts and make a life-changing connection when you have been physically with them, but how much they are loved, followed and researched by so many who do not have the opportunity to go to the Pryors. So blogs like yours and Amelie’s are greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you Laura for all your kind words. Unfortunately I don’t have many opportunities to go to the Pryors–New York is just so far away from Montana so it’ll be more like a once a year thing. Unless I decide to pick up and move to Lovell and live there year-round though I’m not sure how I’d go about finding a job there! I’m still shocked I was even able to make it out there thanks to Sandy. I’ll be writing a couple more posts about my trip (after I sort through my pictures) so stay tuned for a few more stories. 🙂

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