2018 Pryor Foal # 4

Paris (Penn) and her new colt. Photo by Nancy Cerroni

Each horse on the range has their own story, but the birth of this foal is a bit more special than most.  Not only does this foal represent rare blood lines, but also shows the success of a mountain horse relocating to the Dryhead, providing a genetically viable new bloodline among the Dryhead horses.

In 2009, almost the entire population of Pryor Horses living in the Forest Service part of the range were removed.  A few were able to escape this removal.  One of the horses was a young bachelor named Hamlet.  Hamlet was born in 2007 to Delilah and Pierre.  In 2014, Hamlet acquired his first mare.  A mare named Audobon.  Audobon, born in 2000 to Feather and Challenger was not only the only offspring of this pair, but the only offspring each would have.

In 2015, Audobon and Hamlet produce a beautiful filly named Penn (Abbie and I call her Paris).  This birth alone was a reason to celebrate.  The following year Audobon and Hamlet would have another foal, Quicksilver.  Quicksilver he would not live long and that following winter, Audobon disappeared as well.

Hamlet and Audobon, 2015 before the birth of Paris (Penn)
Hamlet with the young filly Paris (Penn), on the left.  July 2016.

During the disruption of Hamlet’s band, the young Paris ended up in the Dryhead, (the desert part of the lower mountain) with the stallion Jesse James, who claimed her for his own.

Jesse James also has a very special story.  He is the son of Seneca (part of the Greeters) and the late Admire (who was killed by a drunk driver in 2011, along with his son Kapitan).  Jesse James is the only remaining offspring of Admire and Seneca on the range.

Admire and his band were the first wild horses I ever saw when I drove up the Dryhead for the first time. Here is a link to my blog piece about the judgement against the person who killed them:  ADMIRE  Within that post is a video I made, where you will be able to see Admire with his band, including a young Jesse James.

Admiral band 7-2010
Admiral and his band, July 2010. (Jesse James, Kapitan, Seneca and Admiral)

Along with Paris, Jesse James has Cecelia, a very wise mare who was with the stallion Sitting Bull for many years. (he died in the winter of 2015-16).  Unlike Jesse James’s very visible years with the Greeters, he and his small band have been seen very little and mostly from a distance.  When Cecilia and Sitting Bull were together, they were rarely seen, often referred to as the “wildest of the horses on the range”.  I am sure this is the reason why Paris became pregnant at the age of 2, this band could not be found or approached close enough for the administration of the PZP vaccine.

Last summer Abbie and I were able to spot this elusive band from a distance.

Cecelia, Paris( Penn) and Jesse James, June 2017. Can you spot them? Find the fence on the right and follow the ridge to the left.
Sitting Bull 2
Sitting Bull, Cecelia and Mateo, February, 2013.

This 4th born foal of 2018 appears to be a colt.   He is the son of Paris (Penn) and Jesse James.  Paris is the 2015 daughter of Audobon and Hamlet.  Jesse James is the 2009 son of Seneca and Admiral.  He was discovered by Nancy Cerronni.   He has been named Sentinel.

The greeters
The Greeters, April 2012 with Jesse James lying in front.
Paris (Penn) and her new colt, Sentinel.  Photo by Nancy Cerroni

Hopefully this summer Abbie and I will be blessed with a chance to see this family and continue to watch him grow wild and free on the range!

Thank you Nancy for the use of your photos!



22 thoughts on “2018 Pryor Foal # 4

  • Really happy with the news. It just shows how trully wild and unpredictable these horses are. Nature always finds a way to restore itself if we let it. Hopefully Sentinel won’t be removed and he can continue being elusive like his band for many years

  • I read on Facebook that they had released the list of horses proposed for removal this year. Is there anywhere that it can be viewed? The last time they did a removal there was a list but I can’t find it since they changed the BLM webpage.

      • Hi again. I believe that must be false news. I can not find anything. I am listed as an “interested party”, so usually one of the first to know. I will let you know if I find anything else out. S

      • Hi.
        I did end up finding the list eventually. You had wrote an article about it earlier, which linked back to the Pryor Mustang Center. At the bottom they have a link, the proposed removal horses are on the Preliminary PMWHR Bait/Water Trapping Gather and Fertility Control EA – page 10.
        Suspected of being inbred: Oak; Parry
        Tier 1: Orlando; Oglala; Outlaw Lady; Okomi; Phantom; Prospera; Cloud’s Pride; Petra; Banjo Patterson; Pegasus; Penn; Quintasket; Quaid; Quillan
        Tier 2: Pele; Rigel Star
        Tier 3: Oracle; Orielle; Patriot; Quasar; Quanah; Quintana; Quahneah, Rio; Morning Reverie

      • I absolutely love your photo of Nimbus and Outlaw Lady and it just makes me sad that Outlaw Lady is on the list. 🙁

  • What a special foal this boy is- a combination of two rare bloodlines and some much needed fresh blood in the Dryhead. I can’t believe Penn is a mum already. Just seems like yesterday that her first baby pics were being posted. She and Sentinel are looking good though, probably the best of all the new mums and foals so far this year. I wish them both luck.

  • I did not expect it for this foal (still) your post is so interesting I learned many things thank you! Penn is young but I think it’s good that a mare is a foal at this age. It had been so long since I had not seen pics of Penn she became very beautiful! I also think it’s great to see horses from the top of the mountain go down in Dryhead like Niobrara. It’s amazing how many foals are born this month, last year at the same time only Rigell star was born and on 4 births this year 4 are males! This year is just as good for Dryhead with 3 foals plus La Niña that should be born in the coming weeks. I think Penn will have another foal next year

  • concerning Challenger (as sire of Audubon) : I believe that Challenger is also the sire of TRIGGER (9734) by Flicka (9105)! Unfortunately, Trigger was also removed in. 09, with all of his offspring and band. 🙁 However, he has sired several living foals since ; some remaining in a “semi-wild state” with the Freedom Family bands (supported by tCF). In fact, his 2010 colt, Pistol is now a stallion! Also, a brand new foal was born to Chalupa by Trigger on the last winter solstice, Dec 21, 2017 – aptly named WINTER. {so those still should technically count as a part of the Herd}?

  • Additionally, concerning the parentage of AUDUBON : in my own notes (some of which were conjecture) I had listed as Plenty Coups (8915), who also died by lightning strike in 2001? but this could be the band that she was born into, after father’s death? I had listed her mother only as “Batik Racer” because I never found out the actual name of mare 9520…. was that mare in fact =. FEATHER (who I’ve heard about numerous times, but never knew her “identity ” on the BLM lists!? Thanks for any information that you can provide (or correct) … oh, and Rev Floyd’s list fro.m 1995 says she’s the foal of Winnemucca! and (maybe Shaman) — do you know if this is correct?

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