Update on Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration.

The Powell Tribune did a story on Liesl.  It made front page in today’s paper.  I found a link to the article and you can read it by clicking on LIESL

Also below Lori gave us a wonderful collection of photos and a short report on the “Three Musketeers”, Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration!

Thank you Lori and congratulations on the wonderful article in the Tribune!


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On Friday the 21st of December Liesl and Kaibab finally got to be let out into the field at the Center.

IMG_1545 (1024x683)

Although Exhilaration has been at the Center for awhile now, he has not had the chance to run and play with them.

IMG_1504 (1024x683)
It was amazing to watch them all run and play. I had a tear in my eye as I watched them run like the wind!

IMG_1562 (1024x683)
I was concerned for Liesl as there are a few ditches that run parallel out in the field, but she did great.
She did stumble a few times, but now she knows exactly where the “trouble” spots are. They all know where the fence is.
Liesl sticks real close to Kaibab.

Every day we let them out in the field and in the evening they are let back in their corral. Exhilaration will stay on the
outside for a few more nights and then I believe that we can let them all stay together as they are getting along very well.

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For the visitors who come to see them in 2013, it will be a sight to behold, especially when they are all running.


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