A Glimpse Into The Past

Beulah, Phoenix and Wounded Knee (forground)Photo by Rev. Floyd Schweiger.
Beulah, Phoenix and Wounded Knee (foreground)
Photo by Rev. Floyd Schweiger.

I thought today would be a good day to share some of the information that I have from 19 years ago in 1993.  With all the talk of the mare/stallion ratio now, I thought it would be interesting for us all to take a look at what was going on 19 years ago.

So here is a snap shot of a hand written horse count done by the Reverend Floyd Schweiger in 1993.

1994-1 lg 1994-2

1994 full page

1194-3 1994-4

Then in 1995 the list looked like this:



95-2 95-3


List of Stallions 1995

In 1995 there were 144 horses, 38 bachelor stallions.

Now in 2013 there are approximately 153 horses (including last years foals), 23 of those are bachelor stallions.  2013 Dryhead: 41 horses, 10 bachelor stallions.  Mountain: 112 horses, 13 bachelor stallions.

I am finding this information very interesting. We all can form and give our own opinions.  Please feel free to use this post as a forum to post your thoughts.

I will continue to share more on another post.

Thank you so much Ross!


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