Winnemucca, July 2014

Winnemucca was born in 1987, which means this year she will be turning 29.  She is the oldest horse on the range.

I was asked by my friend Abbie, to look at the records I had and determine how many foals Winnemucca has had.   Was Doc the only foal that she had, and if not, how many others did she have and what happened to them?

I have records (thank you Ross), dating back to 1995, so I thought I would take a look and see what I could find out.  As I began to look back at Winnemucca’s life, I found myself extremely touched by this beautiful grulla mare.  I’m hoping she makes it through this winter, but if for some reason she does not, I wanted to make sure this post was complete before I found out.  She deserves to be recognized, and so this story begins of what I know and have learned of Winnemucca.

Winnemucca with Custer’s band (bottom right), in 2010.

From the first day I met Winnemucca,  it was very apparent to me how caring this mare was.  By the time we met, she was with the stallion Custer, and has remained with him since.   But by looking back at the records, I learned that Custer was Winnemucca’s forth stallion.  Like I mentioned above, I only have records dating back to 1995, so she may have been with others, but these are the ones that have been recorded.

There is some discrepancy on the year of her birth.  I have seen her listed as being born in 1988, but her identification number is 8707, which means to me that she was born in 1987 and was the 7th foal born that year, and will go by that date.

My studies began to show me that this Winnemucca’s bloodline is a very under-represented on the range.  She has only one living offspring on the range, a son, known to all of us as Doc.

Doc,  June 2013

Winnemucca is the daughter of two unknown Pryor Horses.  We can imagine what they may have looked like, but will never know for sure.  I do know this, her parents most certainly passed down a very caring and nurturing personality, as I have personally seen her caring for many foals over the years that were not hers.

Winnemucca keeping watch as her band drinks. From left to right: Custer, Winnemucca, Fiasco, Leo and Kiabab. Late summer 2011.
Winnemucca with Kaibab in 2011. Kaibab is the son of Fiasco. He was removed in August of 2012.
Winnemucca (third from left) with her band, summer, 2012. Leo and Kiabab would be removed in August of that year. Both are offspring of Fiasco.
Winnemucca keeping watch over the newborn colt Nodin. Spring 2013.
Winnemuca, 3rd from left, helping to keep the band warm on a very cold wet August day, 2014.

The records I have, started in 1995, and it was there that I found Winnemucca listed as Mare #8707 (no name was listed).

At that time she was with the stallion Tucson.  Tucson was solid black , born in 1988.  She remained with him until 1999.  During that time with Tuscon, Winnemucca gave birth to four foals.   These foals were born in the springs of  1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Winnemucca’s 1996 colt was black and was removed for adoption in 1997 or 98. (I believe, there was no removal list in my records).  Her 1997 filly was Grulla and named Fallen Leaf,(0ne of the only named foals on the list).  In 1998, she had another black foal, a colt with a heart star.  He was removed for adoption along with his full sister Fallen Leaf, in 2001.

Winnemucca in the summer of 2011.

In 1999 Winnemucca was stolen by the stallion Littlefoot and had a filly foal shortly after, (the forth foal of Tuscon and Winnemucca) she was a grulla.   That foal did not survive.  Then in spring 2000, she had a grullo colt, he too died, in August of that year.

In 2001,  there is no foal listed beside her name.  But that year, the records were not clear, and it shows that several foals died that year, including a couple grulla fillys, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps one of those was hers.

In the spring 2002, Winnemucca gave birth to a grulla filly, who was last seen in the fall of 2002.  Another death of an offspring.

Then, in 2003, she gave birth to her Seal-Bay son Doc.  Doc remains on the range, he would be the last foal that she would carry, and so he is her only living-offspring.  You can read my post that I wrote about Doc in 2012, by clicking on DOC.

Doc in August 2011 with his son London. London is the son of Doc and the deceased mare Goldrush.
London, grandson of Winnemucca, summer 2015

In 2006, she was stolen or went with the stallion Prince, where she remained, without conceiving , until 2009 when she was stolen by Custer.  She has remained with Custer since that time.

Winnemucca has Doc and her grandson London to carry on the bloodline.  Petra born last year, (2015) is possibly his offspring.  There was so much unsettled behavior, in 2014, that I am a little uncertain to say she is 100% his. Hopefully we will see some more Doc foals this spring.

Prince, July 2012.
Winnemucca and Fiasco with Leo, August 2012. Leo and Kaibab would be removed just a few days later.
Fiasco and Winnemucca, the day after Leo and Kaibab were removed. August 2012

Winnemucca has endured much loss in her life-time.  I am not sure we as humans could endure such pain year after year.  But she seems to keep going with a strong determination to embrace life.  I think we can all learn from her.  No matter what, life goes on, and we must all embrace each day.  Thank you Winnemucca for being a constant reminder of that  and showing those of us who have been blessed by your presence to see it within you.

Long may you live on a very green and beautiful range, either here on earth or in heaven.

Winnemucca watching over her band, summer 2015
Fiasco, Prospera, Winnemucca and Custer. Summer 2015
Prospera and Winnemucca, July 2015
Nodin and Winnemucca, summer 2015
Winnemucca, summer, 2015
Winnemucca. Photo by Laura Curtis. Laura was with me on a day trip that day. Thank you for sharing!

While the next removal date has not been set, we all must become aware of the bloodlines that may be lost.  We need to take notes and make our studies known, so that all bloodlines on the range receive equal consideration.