2018, Name Game, The “S” Year

S This will be the 6th year that I have made this post. This is a “fun” only post where any of you can suggest names for the 2018 foals born in the Pryors.  Of course, like on all the previous years, I can not guarantee that they will be used, but it will be… Read More

Who Will Have Foals in 2018?

Mares within the Pryor Wild Horse Herd, are given PZP (birth control) every year. Each year there is a group of mares that are in the “window” of possibly being able to foal, meaning that they have not been given PZP.  And every year, there will be some surprises from some, despite being vaccinated, and… Read More

2016 Camping Trip Information and Available Dates.

Below are the available Tour Dates for 2016.   For questions and reservations: Contact Sandy At: Phone: 406-360-8959.  Email: wildinthepryors@aol.com   Wild in the Pryors is permitted by the Bureau of Land Management to conduct small group tours within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range from January to December. Wild in the Pryors is one… Read More

2015, Who Will Have Foals This Year?

This year has gone by so fast, it is already time for Wild In The Pryors  4th annual “Who Will Have Foals” post.  This is based off of the current PZP (birth control) program and include those mares who should not have been given the drug.  Of course, not all of these mares may foal… Read More

Summer In The Pryors, 2014, Part 3.

My last camping trip of the year was at the end of August.  I would be on the mountain for my single longest trip to date, 7 days.  I must admit, I was having a hard time thinking about coming off this mountain.  It had been my home, pretty much, for the entire summer, and… Read More

Summer On The Mountain, 2014, Part 2

As the summer progressed, I found myself putting my camera down more and just savoring the horses and beauty of the mountain with just my heart and eyes.   I still took plenty of photos, but 1000’s of photos shrunk to just a few hundred.  The horses were settling into their summer routine with very little… Read More