Mountain Update From Ginger

Blue Moon and Tecumseh/Gringo band, June 17, 2012
Blue Moon and Tecumseh/Gringo band, June 17, 2012

As I check and double check my lists for my upcoming trip to the Pryors, I took a little time out to read Ginger’s (TCF) great report from the mountain.  I almost felt as if I was there after reading it. I can not wait to see all the horses for myself.  I leave on Saturday.

Click on TCF to go to Ginger’s report.  Thank you Ginger for the updates.


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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell


“Protect Mustangs” Speaks Out Against TCF On PZP

Nye and Niobrara
Nye and Niobrara

To Read the entire article please click on PROTECT MUSTANGS.

Here is their Statement:

“Statement from Protect Mustangs

We are against the Cloud Foundation and BLM partnership for extreme PZP in the Pryors for the following reasons:

1.) It ruins natural selection.

2.) According to the National Academy of Sciences there is no evidence of overpopulation.

3.) Reserve design is the healthy choice for management.

4.) Risks of sterility could ruin the herd’s genetic viability.

5.) Unnatural and increased stress on wild mares from wild stallions continuously trying to breed them month after month, year after year, until they are allowed by mankind to have one foal.

6.) Man made fertility control drugs endanger the wild herds’ ability to adapt through reproduction to environmental stresses.

7.) The “Restricted Use Pesticide” known as PZP is not allowed on domestic horses–surely for safety concerns and therefore should not be allowed on native wild horses who have been misclassified as “pests” by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Natural selection has allowed native wild horses to evolve and survive for more than a million years. We believe it is unethical for a government agency and a nonprofit organization to go against natural evolution and manipulate breeding through excessive roundups and drugs approved for use as “restricted use pesticides”.

Now the public is witnessing the final phase of the Salazar Plan announced in 2009 (managing wild horses to extinction) using an EPA fast-tracked “Restricted Use Pesticide” called Porcine zona pellucida–a form of zona pellucida extracted from the ovaries of pigs.

And speaking of pigs, where are the pigs’ ovaries coming from? How were the pig’s ovaries extracted?

The Pryor Mountain Herd is already one of the two herds designated with “Treasured” status–that means they are protected and will never disappear. No need to sell out to  ”restricted use pesticides” for “pest” control!

“We are proud to be working with the BLM, and we hope our partnership with them will continue and may set an example for the management of other wild herds throughout the West,” said Ginger Kathens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation in the BLM’s top story released on August 12, 2013.

What happened to The Cloud Foundation fighting for America’s wild horses’ right to live their natural lives in freedom?

“Why is Ginger Kathrens now supporting the extreme use of PZP when a couple of years ago she appeared to be against using the drug, against ruining natural selection and against creating zoo-like settings on mountaintops?” asks Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs.”


Please don’t forget to submit your comments against the increase of PZP in the Pryors.  They are due September 6.  Click HERE to find out how to submit your comments.

To learn more about Protect Mustangs,  Click on MUSTANGS.


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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

The Cloud Foundation Helps The BLM Administer The PZP

I just saw this on the BLM facebook page and I thought it would be of interest to post it here for you to read.  The success of the current PZP program is becoming very apparent.

This success is another reason why the current PZP program should remain in place.   With the help of TCF and the NPS the horses that need to be vaccinated are apparently getting it.  Let’s not rush into a stronger program until we see the results of a year or two with this increased help.

Please click (TopStory Horse) below to go to the article and please do not forget to send in your comment regarding the proposed increase in the PZP program.  Click PZP to go to my post telling you how to do that.  PZP







The Cloud Foundation Releases Their PZP Proposal

Mica and his father Cloud.
Mica and his father Cloud, May 2012

The Cloud Foundation released their PZP Proposal.  You can click on TCF to read it.   I am not opposed to some of their ideas, and I support the idea of no more removals.  But to rush into another plan, could be detrimental to the horses.  Is this “playing with mother nature” a bit too much?

I do think it would be nice to see Seneca have a foal.(read TCF proposal to see what I am talking about).  However currently she is in a band of 4 (The Greeters), including her 1/2 brother and son.  Which one would she breed with?  Either one may lead to a less than perfect foal.

I still think the current program should remain in place.  The current plan has only been in place since 2011.   Due to the schedule, weather and only one person delivering the injections for the 2011 year, we have yet to see what a good year looks like.   You can read more about my thoughts and the letter I will be sending to Jim Sparks in regards to this, by clicking PZP. 

This current plan will remain in place until 2015.  I do believe the plan has room for improvement.  But why rush it?  My first concern is for the welfare of the entire Pryor Herd and the future generations.


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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

An Update On The Scoping Notice For Changes To The PZP Program In The Pryors.

Kiva's foal, Madrid, July 2012
Kiva’s foal, Madrid, July 2012

There have been a lot of questions and confusion on the scoping letter that was sent out last week.  You can read about that letter by clicking SCOPING LETTER.  I decided to make another post on it, so that those that want to know more can read it in this post, instead of having to wade through all the comments from my previous post.

I am still waiting to hear from The Cloud Foundation on what exactly what their proposal is going to be.  I have been in contact with Ginger and I hope to have that answer soon.

So while I waited, I contacted Jared to ask for some clarification on what this meant.  Thank you so much Jared for getting back to me so fast.  Here is what he had to say:


You really need to ask TCF what they exactly have in mind.  The scoping letter pretty much explains it. TCF isn’t the only party that has wondered if the current PZP prescription is adequate, based upon the details provided in the scoping notice about demographics, efficacy, timing due to access, etc  TCF just requested BLM do more. The first place to start to determine the feasibility is a scoping notice. There has been no proposal from any party for an Assateague model, that died in 2010 when the preliminary current  EA was issued and the public saw exactly what they asked the BLM to do.  This is an opportunity for the public to send BLM a proposal, instead of BLM sending one out and trying to read the tea leaf’s.  Any scoping comments provided to the BLM are public record.
Hope this clarify’s things
Jared Bybee

Rangeland Management Specialist
Montana/Dakotas State Wild Horse and Burro Specialist
5001 Southgate Drive Billings MT 59101
Mobile: 406-698-4831
Fax: 406-896-5281
Lakota, June, 2012
Lakota, June, 2012

I have my letter ready to send, but will wait until I hear from The Cloud Foundation on their proposal.  But, I am thinking it will not change.  Here is that letter:

Dear Mr. Sparks,

In regards to the scoping letter regarding the PZP program released April 1, 2013, I as a Montana resident, frequent visitor to the Pryors and permit holder within the Pryors request that the current PZP program remain in place.  I feel I have been able to observe and study the horses in their home intently.  This year alone, I will be with them for more than 50 days.

I feel that we should see how the current plan works on a good year. With the NPS assisting in the darting of the horses, I feel that the horses will be given the injections in a more timely manner. We should give this program some more time to see how it is working and then re-evaluate as necessary for the next phase starting in 2015.

I would hate to see a rushed decision on changes to the PZP program.

I do not support any changes to the current plan.

Thank you.


Sandra P. Elmore

UPDATE:  Here is the link to TCF proposal, just released tonight.  I still stand by my letter above.  Click TCF to go there.  

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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

The Cloud Foundation Asks For Increased Use of Fertility Control For Pryor Herd

BLM 1 j BLM 2j BLM3 Untitled 3

For those of you that would like to know what the current plan is for the Asseteague Horses, it is this:   on Assateague every mare is treated with PZP and then allowed to foal once around the age of 5 and then she receives PZP for the rest of her life.
I personally feel this is too aggressive for the Pryor Horses.  The Pryors is not the Assateague  Islands.  There are many more factors to consider.  Only allowing a mare to have one foal?  Will we next be choosing the lucky stallion that gets to reproduce?   I am against this micromanagement suggestion.
The NPS is assisting in the PZP injections.  This is the second year for that.  I would like to suggest that we give this a few years to see how it works now that there are more people helping with it.  Let’s not jump into something that may not be reversible.
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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell