Who Will Have Foals in 2018?

Mares within the Pryor Wild Horse Herd, are given PZP (birth control) every year. Each year there is a group of mares that are in the “window” of possibly being able to foal, meaning that they have not been given PZP.  And every year, there will be some surprises from some, despite being vaccinated, and… Read More

A Tribute To The Horses That Have Passed in 2016

  As we enter the last months of 2016, I felt I needed to do a post on those horses who have passed this year.  It has been a very hard year for those of us who follow the horses.  We have lost some very significant members of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd.  They… Read More

Wild In the Pryors 2016 Calendars

Wild in the Pryors 2016 Calendars are ready to purchase!  They are printed on premium glossy card stock.  The price is 23.00 each, including shipping within the United States.  For out of country orders, please contact me for additional shipping price. You can order by emailing Sandy at: wildinthepryors@aol.com or by calling or texting your… Read More

A Day Up The Dryhead, June 26, 2015

I am just taking a few minutes to share a quick post about my trip up the Dryhead, early last Friday morning.  Probably the most interesting thing that I saw was Fools Crow band and Hidalgo band hanging out with each other. We saw the Greeters immediately as we entered the range, with their new… Read More

Pryor Foal # 15.

Pryor Foal number 15 was born yesterday to the mare Moenkopi and the stallion Cappuccino. Moenkopi is the 2012 daughter of Galena and Jackson.  Cappuccino is the 2002 son of Rosarita and Starbuck. I saw this band the afternoon of July 12th.  Moenkopi looked to be bagging up at that time.  I just had a… Read More

Pryor Foal # 8, 2014

Pryor Foal # 8 was discovered yesterday.( by the PMWMC and others).  This discovery also brought some other good news that Cloud had also been found.  His mares Feldspar (who has the new foal) and Inocentes were back with him too.  Still missing from the band are Mica (who has been seen) and Nimbus (who… Read More

Burnt Timber Day 1: Lucky.

My friend Liz and I left Potomac, Montana at 6 am Friday morning.   It was a beautiful day and by 2:00 pm, we were heading up Burnt Timber Road. This would be my UTV, Ophelia’s second trip up the mountain.  My latest routine when I start up the mountain is to get far enough up… Read More