Jalisco and Jumping Badger: An Adoption Update

I first met Jalisco last April.  You can read about that post by clicking on JALISCO.  It was love at first sight.  I came home and decided that if Jalisco was removed I would be adopting him.

Things changed in the next months to follow.  The biggest being:  Lakota died.  My favorite horse on the range.  I was faced with a hard decision to make.  My heart was torn two ways.

On September 7, I made my final decision.  I was going to bid on Kiowa and Kootenai, letting Jalisco go.  It was not an easy decision.

On September 8, the day of the adoption.  I was standing by a family that had just won the bid on Jumping Badger.  I turned and spoke to them and gave them my card and asked if they would let me know how Jumping Badger was doing. I learned that they were from Lovell and seemed very nice.   I also learned that they were there to hopefully adopt two horses.

When Jalisco came up for bid, I turned to the family and said: ” This horse is amazing, you should bid on him”.  They did and now he lives with Jumping Badger, in Lovell, Wyoming.   It gave me some comfort that I may be able to stop by and say hello to a friend.

Thank you Lori for following up and giving us this report.


Jalisco, April, 2012
Jalisco, April, 2012

This report is mainly for Linda and Sandy as I know they truly fell in Love with Jalisco.

I had been meaning to get in touch with Alan & Jeri-Lynn Fleming, the couple who adopted Jumping Badger & Jalisco, for quite some time and so today I just set my mind to drive to their place and ask if I could visit with Jumping Badger, who they call Badger now, and Jalisco, who they call Cisco.

Jeri-Lynn was not at home but Alan was, and he so graciously welcomed me and was happy that I had come to see the horses.


Jalisco and Jumping Badger

We had a really nice visit and he told me that he had been working so much and the weather has been so brutally cold that he had not worked with either Badger or Cisco for quite a while. Both horses looked to be in very good condition, but they still have that wildness to them.

Badger backed away from me and never did come up to me, but Jalisco eventually took some hay from my hand.

I can understand the difference between these two horses as Jumping Badger grew up in the Lower Sykes area and there are not as many human visitors in that part of the range. Jalisco grew up in the Dry Head area and that is the busiest part of the range where many humans can

drive through the park and view the wild horses.

Still, I was in awe of the beauty of these two horses and I could tell that they have bonded and become buddy’s, and that they trusted Alan!

Jumping Badger has that stoutness to him and he reminds me of Exhilaration.

I was happy and felt at peace seeing them at their new home. The north view from where they live is of the Pryor Mountains and maybe that gives them some comfort.

Alan & Jeri-Lynn have plans this spring to gentle and ride both horses, although Alan admitted that it was going to be more difficult to gentle Badger.

I agreed with him, but told him that it can be done.

He told me that I could come visit the horses anytime. We agreed to keep in touch, and I left feeling happy for both Jumping Badger and Jalisco as they have very compassionate owners who understand and Love horses!

Alan & Jeri-Lynn have three other horses who are very friendly and live in the corral right next to Badger & Jalisco. Next time I will get some photos of them also.


Jumping Badger
Jumping Badger
Jumping Badger
Jumping Badger

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