Proposed Removal of 15-20 Horses


I am still reeling from this past couple weeks.  First the death of Blanca, then receiving the letter about the removal, and then the sudden and tragic death of Isadora and her foal.

I have been talking in depth with a couple friends (Abbie and Sarah), about the proposed removal, and we are carefully planning our in depth comments and will get them in writing and sent in before October 6.  In the letter from the BLM, it did not state when the removal was planning on taking place.  In order to properly comment, I did email them and was informed that the earliest would be the summer of 2018.

 I made a ton of notes on my copy of the notice, so I am going to give you a link that Travel and Nature posted of it.  PROPOSED REMOVAL LETTER.   Thank you Livi for making a post.  Here is a link to her post if you would like to read it.  Travel and Nature
Remember your comments need to be in by October 6, 2017.