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Last week, I played around with a few changes to my blog.  One of those changes was adding a Search Engine that searches all my posts.  I actually had it on the page before, but I moved it to the top so it would be more visible and also added “Search This Blog”.  You can see it just to the right of this paragraph.   In the last year I have made over 175 posts, so this can be a really handy tool.

For example, if you want to see all posts where I have seen or mentioned Prince, just type in Prince and push search.  All posts about or mentioning Prince will pop up for you.

Prince, June 2012
Prince, June 2012

My friend Anh is going to be joining me for my trip to the Pryors this week.  We leave in a few days and will be there for several days.  The weather looks REALLY great!   There will be a huge amount of daylight each day that we can drive, hike and hike some more.  Lori and Brianna are going to be joining us for at least one of those days.   I will try and make a post, while I am there, but I may not have time.  However,  if we find a new foal, I will be sure to post that news!


PS:  Several months ago, Anh painted the above photo of Prince for me.   It is hanging in a special place of honor in our  living room!  Thank you Anh, it was a special gift!  (she also painted one of Lakota for me too!)  I treasure them both.

Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

Mountain Update: Prince

I have not had Christmas for a while.   In fact the last time I had that Christmas feeling was when I was on the mountain with my good friend Linda.  In June.  If you are wondering what I am talking about you can read my post about my Christmas feeling by clicking CHRISTMAS.

Well, I just got back that Christmas feeling today when I read an email from Cass of the NPS.  She told me that she had seen Prince dogging Galaxy and his band (formally Prince’s Band), just a few days ago!

Prince, October, 2010

I have not seen Prince since June.  I heard the end of July that he was hanging around the bait trap for a few free meals, but I did not see him.  Apparently those extra calories have paid off.  He is now dogging his former band.

Prince, June, 2012

I am happy about this, but also very cautious with my happiness.  I know of another stallion that recovered from his injuries and started to dog his former band.  Lakota.  The outcome of that was not good, and I hope that Prince stays injury free.

Prince was born in 1993, which would make him 19.  Old by some standards, but there have been some stallions in the Pryors who have reclaimed their bands.  Chino is one of them.  Perhaps Prince will be another.  However, I do love Galaxy, and he has been an amazing band stallion with his new band.  My feelings are torn.  Maybe, just maybe Prince can reclaim one of his mares and everyone can be happy.

Prince, June, 2012.

Argh!  I sooo want to be able to see this all for myself, but with two new Pryor horses and a new sick rescue puppy, needing my love and attention, it will not happen soon.  The weather of course does make this endeavor more challenging as well.  I will have to be patient and rely on my friends to fill me in on the mountain for a while.  I so appreciate my friends.

I also learned that they saw many bands, Cloud’s being one of them.  Damsel was not with them.  I will not give up hope on her.  I hope that we will all be surprised to find her with a handsome former bachelor, perhaps with a new foal.  That is my hope, and I will not let myself think otherwise right now.

No one has seen Merlin.  I still have hope for him as well.

For now, I will keep this Christmas feeling and hope for the best.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell