Removal Update, August 23, 2012 # 38 and a foal

The National Park Service and the BLM removed a mare and foal today.

Kerry is the 2010 daughter of Ireland and Prince.  Her foal, a colt was born in June.  You can see more photos of Kerry and her foal by clicking on KERRY.

We all thought Kerry had died in the winter of 2010-2011.  But she survived on her own as a yearling and was discovered by Lori (PMWMC). She was with Durango.

Alex was especially fond of Kerry.  You can read his post about her and Kitalpha by clicking on ALEX.

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE KITALPHA.  Please allow one of these strong and surviving horses to live out their life on the range.

Kerry, July 30, 2012
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Removal Update, August 22, 2012, # 37

Today the Bighorn Canyon National Park Service and the BLM removed one male horse from the Dryhead area at the Layout Creek trap.

It is Jalisco.  Jalisco is the 2009 son of  Buffalo Girl and Durango.  You can see more photos of Jalisco by clicking JALISCO.  This will take you to the adoption page and the photos of all the horses removed.

Jalisco, April, 2012


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Please Stop. Thank you.

Dear Blm and National Park Service,

I am asking you to please stop the removals now.  Thank you.  I have supported the removal of the horses in the Pryors.  I did not like seeing them go, but I supported it and still do.  But now I ask you to please stop.  These are my concerns:

Any horses removed (you state up to 6 horses) will now have to have a separate adoption.

I understand that they need to have 3 weeks in between the prepping of the horses(gelding, vaccinations and freeze brand) before the adoption can take place.  The reason for the 3 weeks is so they can give them their second vaccination before traveling.  There also may be some issue with blood work, but I don’t know anything about that.

I was okay with them going back to the Dryhead to remove a few more horses a couple of weeks ago.  I hated to see any more go, but I was okay with it.  IF they could be in the upcoming adoption.  But now, that the day has passed (tomorrow will be 3 weeks before the adoption), I am not okay with any more removals.

I worry about the adoption success with just a handful (up to 6) horses.  I want them all to go to good homes. I want this removal to be a success in every way.

Please reconsider continuing this removal.  I feel it would be better to wait and see what the winter brings, and then if necessary go in next year and remove those 6 plus a few more and have another adoption.  I know that would probably involve a lot of paper work if it goes into next year.  But I am asking you to consider it.

How would that be different?

Well, there are probably going to be people from all over the country coming to this adoption on September 8.  I doubt any of them from a distance will want to turn around and come back in late September or October to adopt these few horses that you may trap in the Dryhead.

I know, because of the delays that were caused by lawsuits, this removal was held back, but I ask you to please not remove any more horses this year.

There are those that are breathing a sigh of relief for the removal ending on the mountain top.  I won’t breathe a sigh of relief until the entire removal is over.

Thank you.


Jalisco, April, 2012
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