An Introduction

I want to introduce a new member of the Wild in The Pryors Blog.  Lori Graham.  Lori will be a contributing writer and reporter for me.  I am happy and honored that she is joining me.  Together we will make a good team for the horses.  We both love these horses and it is all about them.  We are both in it “For the Horses”.

Thanks Lori!

You can learn more about Lori by clicking ABOUT.


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Update on Liesl and Kaibab

Lori sent me some photos of Liesl and Kaibab and said I could share them!  Thanks Lori!!  They both look great!  Also Lori sent some photos of her other horses: Nebraska and Red Dawn.

Here is Lori’s message:

Eating Is What We Do Best!

Here are a few pictures of Kaibab and Liesl.  As you can see Liesl has put on some weight and is doing very well. Kaibab is a little pop-belly and is healthy as well. I got them some mare/foal food yesterday and Liesl is not sure if she likes it, but Kaibab (the one who does not need it as much) likes it. She will get used to it and it will be good for her. I only give them a small coffee can full each per day. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe with the weather getting a little bit warmer I will be able to work with them again…I still have not used the lead rope yet.

Also, here are a couple of pics of my horses…Nebraska (full brother to Garcia) and Red Dawn (from Dale and Daphne’s breeding stock of Pryors).
I think they both posed for me…perfect picture! As you can see they are very healthy…putting on the winter fat!
I went out to the Dryhead and all I saw was an empty road!
Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl
Red Dawn and Nebraska
Empty Dryhead Road!

Thanks Lori!

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Merlin Update

Lori and I have been worried about Merlin for about a week now.   We both received reports that he was injured and that there were several bachelors trying to get his band.  If you want to read about that click on Dryhead and it will take you to Lori’s report.  She last saw him with the Greeters.

Here is Lori’s report from yesterday:

I went out to the Dryhead hoping to find Merlin.

I did not find Merlin, but his harem is now with Hidalgo. Let’s hope that Merlin is laying low somewhere and healing from his injury.
The last time he was injured, which was not too long ago, Corona and Waif took care of his harem for a little while, then Merlin eased himself back into his harem. Also, Hidalgo has not been the one fighting with Merlin. It was Medicine Bow, and Chief Joseph I believe; at least that is what I have been hearing from others visiting the range.
I also saw Hidatsa and Johnston on Mustang Flats. Off in the distance was Hawk and Issaquah.
On my way back I saw Jemez, Medicine Bow, Johan and Chief Joseph. They were not near Hidalgo and “harem” at I really don’t know when this came about, but it has been since I was last out there last week.
I searched for Merlin a bit stopping all of the time and looking through my binoculars, but no Merlin.
I heard that someone saw Seattle, Sacajawea and Kemmerer today, and also Fiero, Strawberry and Bakken.
that is good news as I have not seen them for quite some time.
Hidalgo, September 24, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham
Halo, Fresia and Montana, September 24, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham
Hidalgo with Merlin’s band, September 24, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham
Montana, September 24, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham
Montana, Fresia and Halo, September 24, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham

Thank you so much Lori for keeping us up to date on Merlin and spending the time to try and find him!

I have tried to stay calm, hoping for the best.  Merlin is only 15 after all and should have many more years ahead of him.

I have a special feeling for Merlin.  He is the father of my filly, Valerosa, who I adopted in 2009.  Every time I go up the Dryhead I hoped to see him.  I have seen him off in the distance with his band several times, but never up close until last May.

Bill and I felt very lucky to spend some time with this amazing stallion then.  It was raining that day, but we covered our cameras and watched them.  Merlin was every bit the stallion I imaged him to be.  He was a good band stallion, watching closely over little Montana, and keeping his mares together.

I am holding on to hope that it will be a repeat of last spring when he was injured.  He went off by himself for a while to heal and then returned to claim his band.  Please Merlin, let’s see that happen again.

Merlin, May 2012
Merlin, Fresia and Montana, May 2012
Merlin, May 2012


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Drama In The Dryhead? Report from Lori.

I decided to go out to the range early this morning and got
I am sending this picture of Montana, who has been very elusive to me…but
I hiked up the hill and got a few shots.
I saw Hickok, Jesse James, Seneca & Hightail. They had Halo, Fresia &
Montana with them, sort of. I did not see Merlin with them, but he could
have been somewhere nearby.

I drove up all the way to the end of the range and only saw Medicine Bow
with Jemez.
Out on Mustang Flat I saw one black horse a very long ways away. I could not
Who it was, even with my binoculars.

When I drove back down I did not see anyone.

I am concerned about Merlin, but hopefully he is taking it easy and healing,
yet again!


Medicine Bow and Jemez, September 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham
Montana in the early morning light, September 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham
The Greeters and part of Merlin’s band. Photo by Lori Graham
Montana. Photo by Lori Graham
The Greeters with part of Merlin’s band. Photo by Lori Graham.  September 21, 2012



Both Lori and I have received reports this week that Merlin is injured.  It sounds like it may be the same injury from earlier this year, or could possibly be a new injury.  Hopefully he is healing and doing fine.

Thanks Lori so much for the report.  I am looking forward to seeing more photos and I will post them here!


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