Day 3 on the Mountain, August 1, 2012

As always, I woke up just as the sky was starting to turn pink from the rising sun.  I could see several horses. It was good to see them.  They were not out the day before.  I wondered what horses had slept by us.

I decided to grab my camera and walk a short way to see some of the bands.   I saw Doc, Coronado, and Baja bands.  Then, something happened that I found very unusual.  When Kiva from Cornado’s band saw me, she whinnied and started trotting towards me.  I wasn’t sure what to think.  She continued a few more steps and then stopped.  I wondered if for a few seconds she saw my motion and thought maybe I was her missing foal.  That is the only thing I could think of.  She continued to keep a close eye on my while the rest of her band ate.

Coronado and his band, August 1, 2012
Kiva, August 1, 2012
Kiva still watching me, August 1, 2012

I am extremely sad about Kiva’s removal.  I have watched her grow from a little filly into a young mother.  It will be really hard not to see her out on the range.

Of course I will miss every horse that was removed, but there are a few who will especially leave an empty space, and she is one of them.

Kiva, October 2010

I watched as the band walked past me and continued on.

Fools Gold and Kiva, August 1, 2012
August 1, 2012
Coronado’s band, August 1, 2012

I looked back and saw Broken Bow and Malpais grooming each other.  It was another peaceful morning.  I watched the other bands for a few minutes before I turned back.  It was so peaceful, I felt out-of-place, so I decided to leave them and let them continue their morning without me disturbing it.

August 1, 2012
Baja’s band, August 1, 2012
Washakie and her new filly, Meadowlark, August 1, 2012

Shortly after I got back to our camp, I saw Grijala and his band.  The three Special K’s and Quelle Colour.   He would loss one more K later that day, Kalahari.

I wondered if he would try to win Ketchikan from Gringo.

Grijala’s band, August 1, 2012
Quelle Colour, August 1, 2012
Kohl, August 1, 2012
Kalahari, August 1, 2012
Kindra, August 1, 2012
Grijala, August 1, 2012

We decided to go to the pond.  Doc and Grijala had beat us there.

Broken Bow
August 1, 2012

Everything was pretty peaceful, until Doc decided that he did not want Grijala anywhere near his band.  He took off after them and chased them down the hill towards the pond.

Running from Doc!
Demure and Melpais, August 1, 2012

After a brief exchange, Grijala took his band and went to the other side of the pond.

Doc and Grijala
August 1, 2012

Then Doc and his band went to the pond to drink.  This was where I really noticed the closeness that Doc and Jenny had developed.

Doc’s Band

For what ever reason, Doc was in the lead.  I think perhaps he felt the pressure from Grijala, still on the other side of the pond.  Usually it is the lead mare that leads and the stallion stays in the back.

Doc’s band

We waited a while, it was quiet.  We decided to go back to camp and pack up.  We did not want to be here for another day of removals.  It was just too hard.

As we packed up and ate lunch, we saw our new friend, Booboo bear come over the ridge.  I was able to get several shots of him.  In fact, I was expecting him to come for a visit, he had for the last two days.

August 1, 2012
August 1, 2012
August 1, 2012

We headed down the road towards the pond, once more.  Stopping to talk to some people and meet some others that were there.  The Billings Gazette was there that day.  You can read the article they wrote by, clicking PRYORS.

It had been a good trip.  I got to know Lori so much better and consider her a very close friend.  I also got to say goodbye to Lakota and goodbye to some horses that I will no longer see on the range.  It was sad in many ways, but peaceful in others.  As always, I will treasure my trip to the mountain.

My next trip to the mountain will be soon.  I am taking my daughter Amber this time.  Then I will be back for the adoption.  I am hoping to be able to give one of the horses a special home with us.  We will have to see how it all works out.  But I am hoping for the best.

The next morning I would go to check on Cecelia.  If you have not read that post click CECELIA.  Matt emailed me this weekend and said she still had not foaled!  Soon!  I am sure!


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Removal Update, August 2, 2012. # 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and a foal.

I received this news early this morning, but I was on my way home.  I am sure most of you know by now that they are:

1. Kalahari

2. July and her colt

3.  Lancaster

4. Kiva

5. Jenny

The adoption has been set for September 8.

I will share more and post photos of those removed soon.  I need to take my boots off for a while!