Dryhead and Lower Sykes Update,July 29, 2012. A Day of Firsts.

I thought with all of the sad news of the removals that we all needed to read a good post.  So I decided to take the time tonight and update everyone on my day.

I arrived in Lovell, Wyoming early this afternoon. I was eager to head up the Dryhead.  I had not seen these horses since May.

The first horses I saw were Hidatsa, Issaquah and Hawk.  They were way off in the distance on Mustang Flats.  I drove just a short way and saw one horse that I had never seen before, Hidalgo.  Just this past week he lost his band (Cascade and Lewis) to the stallion Blizzard.

Hidalgo was with another bachelor, Jemez.  I had not seen Jemez since last fall.  It was good to see them both.

Hidalgo, July 29, 2012
Jemez, July 29, 2012
Jemez and Hidalgo, July 29, 2012
Jemez, July 29, 2012

After a couple hours in the Dryhead, I received a text message.  It was from Shawn.  He was in lower Sykes and had found Sitting Bull and Cecelia.  Theses were two more horses that I had never seen.  It seems not many people see them.  My friend Linda had told me where she had seen them in June. (thanks Linda!!) So I had emailed Shawn the details on where to possibly find them.  There are so many dips and gully’s on lower Sykes (and all over the whole range actually), that it was hard to locate any horses here, let alone the two most elusive.   Shawn was very lucky!   I also knew that Cecelia was very close to having her foal.

I left the Dryhead and headed towards Sykes.  I was a couple miles away when I received another text from Shawn. Cecelia and Sitting Bull were starting to move!  Oh no!!  I was afraid they would disappear over a ridge and I would not see them.  I hurried (as hurried as you can be up Sykes, which is not very!!)  I saw Shawn and pulled over and parked.  We hiked in the direction that Shawn had said they had gone.  We came over a ridge and were rewarded.

There they were!  Poor Cecelia is huge and looks very uncomfortable.  I am sure it will be very soon.  We hoped it would be while we watch.  We stayed there for a couple hours, then decided to leave them be.  I headed back to Lovell.  Shawn is staying nearby and is going to keep an eye on them.  Hopefully he will be rewarded with a new foal!  If that is the case, I know where I will be in the first light of the day tomorrow!

I can now say that I have seen every horse on the range!!  Well, there are a couple new foals that I have not seen, but otherwise I have seen everyone!  I feel so blessed to have been able to see them all!  They each leave their own memory for me.

Sitting Bull and Cecelia, July 29, 2012
Sitting Bull and Cecelia, July 29, 2012
Sitting Bull and Cecelia!
Sitting Bull and Cecelia, July 29, 2012



Tomorrow morning and I am going to take an early ride up the Dryhead (or Sykes!!!) and then meet Lori at Britton Springs.  Our plan is to head up the mountain for a few days!

It was a good first day and a great way to forget everything else!


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