Pryor Foal # 10, May 26, 2013

Demure and Doc have a new foal!  It looks like a filly.  Thank you Shawn for the update.  After a few weeks away, Demure is now back with Doc!  I am really happy about that. UPDATE: June 11, 2013.  We believe this  foal has died.  She is no longer with Demure and Doc.   Demure… Read More

Burnt Timber Day 3. Excitement and Loss.

After the nights rain, we woke to an almost cloud free sky.  I knew the roads would be wet, so we waited a little while longer this morning before heading up Burnt Timber again.  We were heading up by 8:30.  It was a cold, windy but very sunny day.  I was hoping to locate the… Read More

Mountain Top Update, Day 2, July 31, 2012 A Quiet Day

The first night that Lori and I spent on the mountain was really quiet.  No horses running around or whinnying. Today, they would not be trapping the horses.  Lori and I were looking forward to a quiet day. The next morning, I headed down towards Krueger Pond.  I saw several horses in the trees on… Read More