Please Stop. Thank you.

Dear Blm and National Park Service,

I am asking you to please stop the removals now.  Thank you.  I have supported the removal of the horses in the Pryors.  I did not like seeing them go, but I supported it and still do.  But now I ask you to please stop.  These are my concerns:

Any horses removed (you state up to 6 horses) will now have to have a separate adoption.

I understand that they need to have 3 weeks in between the prepping of the horses(gelding, vaccinations and freeze brand) before the adoption can take place.  The reason for the 3 weeks is so they can give them their second vaccination before traveling.  There also may be some issue with blood work, but I don’t know anything about that.

I was okay with them going back to the Dryhead to remove a few more horses a couple of weeks ago.  I hated to see any more go, but I was okay with it.  IF they could be in the upcoming adoption.  But now, that the day has passed (tomorrow will be 3 weeks before the adoption), I am not okay with any more removals.

I worry about the adoption success with just a handful (up to 6) horses.  I want them all to go to good homes. I want this removal to be a success in every way.

Please reconsider continuing this removal.  I feel it would be better to wait and see what the winter brings, and then if necessary go in next year and remove those 6 plus a few more and have another adoption.  I know that would probably involve a lot of paper work if it goes into next year.  But I am asking you to consider it.

How would that be different?

Well, there are probably going to be people from all over the country coming to this adoption on September 8.  I doubt any of them from a distance will want to turn around and come back in late September or October to adopt these few horses that you may trap in the Dryhead.

I know, because of the delays that were caused by lawsuits, this removal was held back, but I ask you to please not remove any more horses this year.

There are those that are breathing a sigh of relief for the removal ending on the mountain top.  I won’t breathe a sigh of relief until the entire removal is over.

Thank you.


Jalisco, April, 2012
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