The Opening Of A Closed Area

In February of 2013, I made a post in regards to some land, known as the Administrative Pastures. Click on PASTURE, to read it. Within the above post, there is also a link to a post that Matt Dillion from the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center did on this land back in 2009.  I encourage you… Read More

BLM Releases RMP

Below is the press release about the RMP that I made a post about in February.  You can read that post by clicking on OPENING A CLOSED AREA. This is our official opportunity to submit our comments regarding the re-opening of the Adminstrative Pastures.  So please follow the directions below in regards to where to… Read More

A Day Hiking Lower Sykes

We were only able to go up Burnt Timber Road about a mile past the range entrance  in the ATV the day before , but I was hopeful that we would be able to at least drive to the big Red Hills on Lower Sykes before we had to start hiking.  It would not happen.… Read More

Opening A Closed Area On The Range

Lately, I have been hearing about and also getting asked a lot about an area at the base of the range that has been fenced off. This area is called ” The Administrative Pasture”.  I was not sure of its exact location, so I did some research and came up with several interesting discoveries about… Read More