2016 Pryor Foal # 7

Ireland and Galaxy’s new foal! Photo by: Colleen Kilbane Heart Four Bar Photography

Ireland and Galaxy have a new foal.  Discovered yesterday.  I had a feeling by the photos I had been seeing, and what I had witnessed last summer, that Ireland was very close.  I had witnessed Galaxy breeding her about a week after she had little Pegasus last year.

Galaxy, June 29, 2015
Ireland and Pegasus, June 29, 2015

Ireland is the 1997 daughter of Isabella and Raven.  Galaxy is the 2006 son of Quelle Colour and Lakota.

This little one looks to be a filly.  No word on a name yet.  Pegasus love having a playmate!

Thank you Jack Sterling and Colleen Kilbane for allowing me to use your photos!  I’ll be getting some of my own in just a few days!

Ireland and her new foal, June 11, 2016 Photo by Colleen Kilbane Heart Four Bar Photography
Ireland’s new foal. Photo by Jack Sterling
Photo by Colleen Kilbane Heart Four Bar Photography

2016 Pryor Foal # 6

Pride and his half-sister, Quintana.  Photo by 45 degrees North

The sixth 2016 Pryor Foal was born to Feldspar and Mescalero!  It is a filly, and her name is to be Quintana.

Feldspar is the 2005 daughter of Rosarita and Starman.  Mescalero is the 1996 son of Sitka and Shaman.

Thank you Kevin for allowing me to use your photo for this post!   It is very much appreciated.  Kevin and his girlfriend Trisha were on the mountain this past weekend.  You can check out some of Kevin’s beautiful photos by clicking on 45 degrees.  Trish is also an amazing artist, check out her work by clicking on TRISH.

I’ll be up on the mountain soon, and I am looking forward to seeing these little ones myself.

I’ve had a couple of cancellations for my camping trips.  Contact me by text or call at: 406-360-8959 if you are interested.



2016 Pryor Foal # 5.  Deceased

Another 2016 Pryor foal has been discovered!

I just received word from Ryan at the BLM field office this morning that Hatallii, who is currently in Morning Stars band has foaled.

Here is a link on the BigHorn Canyon Facebook page telling about this new little one.  Click on Foal, to go there.  Thank you for sharing the news!

Hataalii is the 2007 daughter of Sapo and Shaman.  Morning Star is the 1996 son of Washakie and Plenty Coups. 

Quest, named by Abbie, was not seen with his band this week. (5-20-16). Rest in peace little one. 


Hatalli and her new foal. Photo by Bill Pickett/ NPS

2016, Pryor Foals # 3 and 4.

Garcia’s band with the new foal.

Foal number 3 was discovered by Dennis McCollough from Billings, MT.  Thank you Dennis for allowing me to use your photos!

Foal number 3, yet unnamed, was born to Garcia’s band, he or she is the offspring of Greta and Garcia.  Greta is the 2006 daughter of Belle Starr and Chino, Garcia is the 2006 son of Topper and Tony.

Dukes band with their new foal.

The 4th 2016 foal was also discovered by Dennis.  This foal was born to Duke’s band.  No name has been chosen yet.  He or she is the offspring of Helenium and Duke.   Helenium is the 2007 daughter of Rosebud and Sandman.  Duke is the 1996 son of Flicka and Bigfoot.

I will update this post as the names and sex of the foals are announced.


Helemium and her new foal.

2016 Pryor Foal # 2

Quanah with his mom Halcyon.

The second known Pryor foal born in 2016 was discovered by Dawn Ness and Danielle on April 9, 2016.  Thank you Dawn for allowing me to use your beautiful photos!

The foal is a colt, and has been named Quanah.  Quanah was a Comanche Chief.  Quanah was born to the stallion Blue Moon and the mare Halcyon.  Blue Moon is the 2001 son of Sitka and Shaman.  Halcyon is the 2007 daughter of Coronado and Blue Sioux.  They make beautiful foals, that seem to end up very identical!  Welcome to the Pryors little one!


Quanah, April 9, 2016. 

Below is Halcyon last born offspring, Olivia.  I am pretty sure Quanah will have the same coloring when he matures, just like his brother Miocene and sister Nirvana.

Halcyon and Olivia


2016 Foal # 1

Quasar and Kitalpha.  Photo by Wild At Heart Images.

Once again, Kitalpha defies the odds, despite being on PZP, and gives birth to a beautiful foal. I believe this foal is a colt, born sometime during the last week of March.

I love this mare.  Kitalpha is one of the wildest on the range and has quite a story of survival.   Click on KITALPHA to read that story, one that I published back in 2012.

Kitalpaha is the 2010 daughter of Buffalo Girl and Durango.  The likely sire is Hickok, he is the 2007 son of Belle Starr and Starbuck.

The foal has been given the  Quasar.  I want to thank the photograher Sandy Sisti for allowing me to use her beautiful photos.  I am looking forward to seeing her on the range again this year!


Quasar. Photo by Wild at Heart Images.