A Tribute To The Horses That Have Passed in 2020


As I have done for the last several years, here is the annual tribute of the horses that have died in 2020. While the list is not as long as it has been for the last several years, it is not any less painful to read the names. Rest in peace. Thank you to Laura and Brittny for the use of their photos.

  1. Blizzard, beautiful son of Waif and Durango, born in 2001. I remember one of my first trips up the Dryhead in 2009. He came running across the open land with the wind blowing in his gorgeous mane. He was a sight to behold! I’m sure his spirit is still there running with the wind.

2. Broken Bow, daughter of 198505 and Froggie. She was born in 1993. The mother of Jackson, it was ironic that she passed in the same year as her son. Broken Bows, quiet and strong presence has been on the mountain for so long. She was always a strong mare, most times being the lead mare in her band. She really preferred to not be around people, but did allow me to get some photos of her when she let her guard down. She will be greatly missed.

Broke Bow (far right) with her stallion Santa Fe and her daughter Demure and granddaughter Kindra. (2010)
Broken Bow and Demure.

3. Jackson, son of Broken Bow and Two Boots, born in 1998. What do I say about Jackson? He was one of the most amazing stallions I ever had the privilege to meet. I felt he was everything a band stallion need to be. Kind, protective and loving. Even when he lost his band, he continued to nuture those that needed him. The mountain will not be the same without him.

Jackson and Lakota, 2011.
Jackson and Galena, 2014
Jackson, 2015

4. Oak, son of Fresia and Hidalgo, born in 2014. His life ended much to soon. He was struck and killed by an automobile. Rest in peace.

Oak, photo by BB photography
Oak. Photo by BB photography

5. Tecumseh, son of Warbonnet and Flash, born in 1998. If I could describe Tecumseh in one word, it would be Determination. He was perhaps the most determined stallion I ever saw. When he lost his band to Gringo in 2012, he refused to give up. I witnessed many brutal fights between the two of them, even one where I was sure Gringo had chased Tecumseh off a cliff. But still, Tecumseh never gave up and eventually he and Gringo made peace. He and Galadrial had a beautiful daughter (Oceana), who is still on the mountain.

Tecumseh, 2012

Tecumseh and Oceana, 2015
Tecumseh/Gringo band 2015

6. Waif, daughter of , daughter of Twiggy and Cortez, born in 2005. Waif was usually a dryhead horse, but I will never forget the time Corona brought them all up on top of the mountain. That was the summer of 2013, when their son Norte was just a colt. Topper was with them at the time (which I was sure was the reason they went up there. She was a very strong mare and most likely would not take no for an answer!) While I did not see her often, I was fortunate to see them on April day in 2013 with the their new foal Norte. She lives on with many that carry her bloodline.

Waif and Norte, April 2013
Waif and Norte, April 2013

Rest in Peace, Run Like The Wind, and know that your spirit will continue to be on the mountain.


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