2020 Pryor Foal # 2

Phantom and Unity

2020 Pryor Foal # 2 was born to Phantom and Johnston.  Phantom is the 2015 daughter of Icara and Fools Crow.  Johnston is the 2009 son of Cascade and Seattle.

The foal is a filly and has been named Unity.


Thank you Brittny for the use of your beautiful photos.

Phantom and Unity

5 thoughts on “2020 Pryor Foal # 2

  • What a cutie pie she is and will easily be identifiable. Welcome to the world lil Unity!

    Does anyone know how many foals are expected this year?

  • What a joy to see her! And Unity is a great name. Thanks for sharing. It’s a great pick-me-up to see life is going on as it always does somewhere. 🙂

  • With her being a sorrel (red roan probably) and that bald face white legs are we sure of the father?

    • You can never be sure 100%, especially in the Dryhead area where things seem to turn around a lot. But Phantom has been with Johnston for over a year now. The lineage of this foal has a lot of different colors and markings in it’s history. So although (right now) it doesn’t seem to match, it is possible for it to come from a few generations back.

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