2020 Name Game, The “U” Year

Penny/Pele, June 2015

With the “stay at home” order in many parts of the world right now, due to the Coronavirus, we all have a lot of extra time on our hands.  This year we will need that extra time, because the letter U is a tough one, that will need a lot of research and thought!  I look forward to your ideas.  Have fun!

Oceana and Tecumseh, May 2015

This will be the 8th year that I have made this post. This is a “fun” only post where any of you can suggest names for the 2019 foals born in the Pryors.  Of course, like on all the previous years, I can not guarantee that they will be used, but it will be fun to list them, and I do know that whenever a foal is born, I come to this post to look at all of the suggestions.  And if you can, please include the meaning for the name, it would be very helpful to know that.

Pegasus with her mom Ireland, July 2015

In 2000, the BLM started using a letter for each year of foals, starting with A.  This year is the U year.  So please feel free to list your ideas in the comment section of this post.  To read more about this system and why we use names, please refer to my Name Game post that I did in 2013.  Click on Name Game to go there.

I am looking forward to reading all of your suggestions.  If someone else has already posted your name idea, please list it again anyway.  It will be fun to see what the most popular name suggestions are!

Please stay healthy and safe!


32 thoughts on “2020 Name Game, The “U” Year

      • Utku – victorious
        Usha – daybreak
        Usher – attendant
        Uther – terrible or abhorrent
        Ute – riches
        Urbana – the one who lives in the city
        Urban/Urbain – city person
        Urian – one with a privileged background
        Ursula – strong as a little bear
        Ula – strong as a little bear
        Uranus – divine
        Urania – divine
        Umberto – bright fighter
        Umeko – child of a plum
        Uma – mother
        Uliana – soft-haired
        Ulla – powerful and prosperous
        Udom – principled
        Ugo – intelligent
        Unathi – he is with us
        Upendo – Indra’s younger brother
        Upenyu – life
        Usaama – description of a lion
        Urafiki – friendship
        Unika – light up
        Uzima – one who full of life
        Ubwa – delicate, young
        Umi – life
        Unega – white
        Urika – useful
        Utina- woman of my country

  • Uriel pronounced OOR-eee-el Flame of God, angel of light (Hebrew) male
    Uma splendor or tranquility (Sanskrit) female
    Uda wealthy female (Old English) (variant of Udele)
    Unique only one (Latin)female
    Uziel strength and power (Hebrew) male
    Uri my light, my flame (Hebrew) male
    Usher river mouth (Latin) male
    Ursuline or Ursula Little She Bear (Latin/Scandinavian) female
    Una remember (Hopi) female
    Unega white (Cherokee) female
    Utina woman of my country (Native American origin) female
    Unaduti woolly head (Cherokee) male
    Uzumati grizzly bear (Miwok) male
    U’ilani heavenly beauty or royal beauty (Hawaiian) male or female
    Ulyana form of Juliana (Russian or Ukraine) female
    Ume Japanese apricot or plum sign of spring, ward against evil (Japanese) female
    Unity (English) female
    Utu sun (Sumerian mythology) male

  • Urraca (Spanish name meaning magpie)
    Umbra (Greek, meaning shadow or shade)
    Urquhart (the castle above Loch Ness)
    Ursa (Latin for bear, could also refer to the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellations)
    Unakite (a granite based mineral partially made up of feldspar and quartz)
    Uther (from the Arthurian legends)

  • Ok i did a bit more research so offically here my suggestions
    Ursula :which litterally means little bear and was a also a christian martyr who died for her faith, so all in all a brave name
    Uranus: The father of the titans in greek mythology, also meaning sky, and its also the name of our third largest planet of our solar system and since we have many horses with names relative to sky and stars it could be useful,even for a cloud descendant
    Unega: means white in cherokee and propably only be suited for palomino foals but i suggest it anyway
    Ulysees: the greek name of Odysseus and again we have some horses with mythological themes
    Usoa: a spanish word for dove, and if by any chance Manuelita gives birth to a filly it would be fitting because her mother is Dove and grandmother is Phoenix to keep the bird thing going on, it would also fit with a Niobrara filly if she is pregnant with a filly to much with her brother Thunderbird

    And thats about it, i had a lot of time with the quarantine, i hope i was of any help and stay strong everyone!!!

  • Some of Swahili origin:
    Uhuru = freedom
    Upepo = wind, breeze (could fit for a foal in Cloud’s lineage to continue the weather theme)
    Uchao = dawn
    Umande = dew (could fit for a foal in Cloud’s lineage to continue the weather theme)
    Upendo/Upenzi = love
    Usiku = night
    Uzuri = brilliance, beauty, goodness

  • Some of Swahili origin:

    Uhuru: freedom
    Upendo: love
    Usiku: night
    Umande: dew (could fit for a foal in Cloud’s lineage to continue the weather theme)
    Uzuri: beauty, brilliance, goodness
    Uchao: dawn
    Upepo: wind (could also fit for a foal in Cloud’s lineage to continue the weather theme)

  • One I did not see that immediately came to mind: Uluru, the indigenous name of Ayers Rock, the large red sandstone formation in Australia considered sacred by the Aboriginal people! On my bucket list! 🙂

  • Others have mentioned these, but Ursula, Ursa, Ulysses are some of my favorites from the previous suggestions.

  • Hi my name is Megan Henderson and I have been following your blog for 3 and 1\2 years. I have a couple of names for the game.

    These are Gaelic:
    Ula- Strong as a little bear
    Ursala- Strong as a little bear
    Ulrika- Powerful and prosperous
    Ubon- Lotus flower
    Ulianna- Soft haired
    Ulla- Powerful and prosperous
    Una- One
    Undine- From the waves
    Unice- Victory of goodness
    Urania- Devine

    Ulf- Wolf
    Ulrik- Rich heritage
    Ufuk- Horizon
    Uk- Sunrise (gender neutral)
    Ukrit- Supreme
    Ulloriaq- Star like, for a colt of Morning Star heritage
    Umberto- Bright fighter
    Umut- Full of hope (gender neutral)
    Unn- The beloved one (gender neutral)
    Uranius- Devine
    Uriah- God’s light
    Uriel- God’s light
    Usha- Daybreak
    Ugo- Intelligent
    Utku- Victorious
    Uziah- God is my strength
    Ujarak- Like a rock

  • Fillies:
    Uli- From a noble land (Teutonic)
    Ulalia- Bright mind, Bright spirit (German)
    Ursa- God is my light (Hebrew)
    Una- Noble leader (German)

    Ulmer- Glory (Norse)
    Ulfred- Jewel of the ocean (Celtic)
    Ulric- Strong willed, determined (German)
    Ura- Precious stone, jewel (Sandskrit)

  • Here are some more that I don’t think have been mentioned:
    Irish names and words:
    Uaine (f) “OO in yeh, WAN yeh” – green
    Uinsean (m) “In-shin” Vincent from Latin Vincent – conquering
    Úna (f) “OO na” Una, Oona, Oonagh, Agnes, Winifred – possibly, “lamb.”

    Uisce “Oishka” – water
    Urnaí “Ornly” – prayer

    Spanish and Basque names
    Urraca (f) – Leonese noblewoman, including Queen Urraca the Reckless
    Uxío/a (m/f) ” oo SHE o / oo SHE a” – Galician form of Eugene/ia meaning noble
    Uxue (f) “oo SHOO eh” – Popular Basque girls name – dove

    Olena Uutai – Shamanistic singer who does an AMAZING horse impression
    Veronica Usholik – Inuit throat singer with impressive technique

    Umber – form of rust

    Umber – very brown pigment
    Ultramarine – blue pigment, famously expensive

    Umbra – shadow, esp. an eclipse

    Ulalume (f) – from Edgar Allen Poe

    Urassaya (f) – means daughter in Thai, nickname is Yaya

  • Found a few more good ones.

    Irish names:
    Ultan (m) – St. Ultan, saint who cared for orphans during a plague, patron saint of pediatricians

    Spanish and Basque names:

    Unai (m) “oo NYE” – common Basque meaning shepherd or cowboy
    Uranga (surname) “oo RAAN gah” – water

    Italian names:

    Ulbaldesca (f) – St. Ulbadesca Tacicini – Italian nun who performed miracles, has a church in Malta
    Ubaldo (m) – St. Ubaldo, patron saint famous for being a model monk associated with miracles, bishop in Umbria


    Urania (f) – Muse of astronomy

    Place names:

    Umbria – famous region in central Italy
    Uribarri – city in Spanish Basque Country


    Luiz de Unzaga (surname) “oo ZAAN gah” – maybe from Ignacio meaning fire, Luiz de Unzaga was a Cuban governor who stopped the “wanton destruction of the forests by people who wanted to use them for timber”, most notably protecting the cedars
    Fyodor Ushakov – super famous Russian naval officer who never lost a battle or ship, patron saint with several ships, buildings, a medal, and a small planet named after him


    Using Un or Una for names. ie:
    Una Luna – a moon, also a song title

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