2020 Pryor Foal # 1


The first known Pryor Foal was born to Nova and Hickok.  Nova is the 2013 daughter of Kitalpha and Bristol.   Hickok is the 2007 son of Belle Starr and Starbuck.   The foal is a colt and has been named Uinta.

Thank you Diane Granger for the use of her photos.



7 thoughts on “2020 Pryor Foal # 1

  • Such great news , just like his siblings he came early and i like the fact that he looks like his dad.
    Now as far as U names , i know you didn’t make a list yet but is a difficult letter so my only contribution for U names of future foalas are Ursula and Uranus(Uranus would be fit for a Horizon/nirvana foal since its means Sky in greek but it would fit for other horses because its also a greek god in greek mythology)
    Can’t think of anything else that doesn’t sound stupid like Unicorn or smt.
    Anyway thanks for the post!!!

  • Welcome handsome lil guy! The first in 2020! Hope he keeps his light cresent shaped star so I can keep up with identifying him when he grows up :0)

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