Jackson. The Passing of a Legend

Jackson 7
February 2013

I woke up this morning with a message from Sarah and Abbie.  Jackson had died.  While this was not unexpected, it was still very shocking.  I can’t imagine the mountain without Jackson.

Jackson and Moorcroft:wound
Moorcroft licks Jacksons wound, February 2013.

Jackson was born to the mare Broken Bow and stallion Two Boots in 1998.  This beautiful coyote dun stallion was a giant force on the mountain.  He claimed the largest bands up until he lost his status of a band stallion in May of 2014.  While he claimed a mare from time to time for a short while, his days of being a prominent band stallion were over.

For some stallions, they give up the will to live after the loss of their band.  But Jackson choose to embrace his next role:  caretaker of those in need.  He was often spotted with young bachelors teaching them the “ropes”.   But perhaps his most important role was that of a caring bachelor stallion. It seemed if any horse on the mountain was alone or need a friend, Jackson was there.  Either briefly or for a longer period of time, he stood by those in need.   The most significant one was when he spent an entire summer watching over a wounded Mandan.  I believe Mandan is a live today because of Jackson.

An injured Mandan appeared at our camp during dinner with a caring Jackson keeping watch over him.

Caring was not new to Jackson, when he was still a band stallion, I witnessed many touching moments of closeness with his family.  This behavior never ended, as he continued to carry out that role as an older bachelor.

Jackson and Brumby
Jackson and Brumby. As Matt Dillion called them: The Brad and Angelina of the mountain. I wish they had been allowed to keep more of their offspring.
Jackson’s Band, 2-17-13 Protecting his band from a snowstorm.

Perhaps one of the funnest moments I shared on the mountain with Jackson, was in July 2014.  A few cattle from a nearby ranch, happened to wander on the range.  While I am sure this wasn’t the first time he saw cattle, it was amusing to watch his reaction to them.  The rancher removed them later that day.

Wild in the Pryors

In the winter of 2016-17, he somehow injured his left eye.  It appeared that he had lost sight in that eye.  Many of us worried he would not make it without vision in both eyes.  But once again, he showed us how amazing and strong he was.


I could continue to tell many stories of this amazing stallion.  But somehow the words are not coming very easily to me this morning.

Jackson and Brumby with Hayden, 2007. Thank you Terry for your photo.
Jackson and his son Maelstrom, February, 2013

To me, Jackson was the most caring and nurturing stallion on the mountain.  There will be a giant empty space where this amazing stallion was.  He left this earth on his own terms, wild and free.  Rest easy Jackson.  You changed my life, and I know you changed the life of may others.  Thank you.

Jackson for L
Jackson, October, 2011.

13 thoughts on “Jackson. The Passing of a Legend

  • Beautiful tribute to an amazing majestic stallion. I too was in disbelief this morning when I read that he had left us after being sighted Saturday by Kris after several months not being seen. Even though he was looking rough, I wasnt expecting him to come into view just to say goodbye. His legacy will always live on in our hearts and on the mountain through his sons and daughters and their get. RIP beautiful boy.

  • Thank you for such a lovely tribute to a very special horse. While the news of his passing wasn’t unexpected, given his age, it is still terribly sad to know Jackson is gone.

    Every horse on the Pryors is special in their own way, but some seem to transcend that and become almost larger than life and Jackson was one of them. The Pryors just won’t be the same without him.

    I get a smile over the fact that his lookalike grandson, Paterson, has found himself a feisty grulla mare just like Jackson did. I hope Paterson can keep Sophia and they can become the new power couple on the mountain like Jackson and Brumby.

    • I am really impressed by Paterson , considering up until Cappucino lost his band he was still with them as a 4 year old and went straight away to steal Sephia from the ferocious Garcia, Normally i would be worried for Sophia since she is a yearling but anything is better than ending up like her sister Norma Jane.
      As the years pass by i am excpecting many older favourites horses to perrish and thats a bittersweet feeling because they lived a free life against all odds but there are some special horses that leave their mark on the heard and such horse was Jackson, not only because of his offsprings but also because of all the reasons you wrote and above, i m sure many people know him better than me, so there is no need for more except a wish that all the horses get to leave a wild life like his

      Than you for your post

  • Ah, Jackson, how I wish I could have seen you. Such a legacy you leave for your offspring. This tribute is so beautiful. Thank You for remembering the best of Jackson for us.

  • So beautiful… so sorry for the loss.. thank you for sharing and hope to see his children living strong in the future ❤️

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