2019 Pryor Foal # 16


The Sixteenth 2019 Pryor foal was born sometime around November 1 to Jasmine and Doc.  Jasmine is the 2009 daughter of Aztec and Cloud.  Doc is the 2003 son of Winnemucca and Little Foot.

The foal is a filly and the name that has been chosen is Talulah.

I found that there are three meaning to this name.  The first one that came up was:  An Online Australian Woman’s Boutique.  Surprised by this, I googled it again.  This time from Wikipedia:Talulah Jane Riley-Milburn[1] (born 26 September 1985), known professionally as Talulah Riley, is an English actress.  Still thinking that there had to be more, I googled it again and found this:  The name Talulah means Leaping Water and is of Native American origin. Talulah is a name that’s been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Choctaw.

Okay, I think the last meaning is the one I will think of when I say this name, since the announcement of the name did not include what meaning it was intended for.

Welcome to the Pryors beautiful little filly!  These photos were taken by Jack Sterling on December 3 (Thank you Jack for the use of your photos).  As you can see, she seems to be doing quite well.  Looking forward to seeing this little one!



4 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foal # 16

  • Such a pretty little girl! Hope the winter is not too harsh on her and her mama. Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you for your resrarch i also believe the ladt meaning to be more suitable for a pryor horse and a cloud’s descendant. Its great to have another filly and aside from her fayher she also has a rare line From her mother since aztec is the only offpsing og her dryherd parents.
    So thanks again for this post and merry Christmas and happy New year#

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