2019 Pryor Foal # 14

Greta 3


2019 Pryor Foal # 14 was born to Greta and Garcia.  Greta is the 2006 daughter of Belle Star and Chino.  Garcia is the 2006 son of Topper and Tony.  The foal is a colt.  No name has been announced yet.

GretaGreta 5

Welcome to the mountain little one!  Thank you Dennis for the use your photos!

Greata 2

Greta 4

4 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foal # 14

  • Thank you for sharing he seems almost like an excact copy of his siblings, i can picture him in a year or two being just like Quaid and Orlando. Can’t wait to hear the name chosen, because i especially like the symbolism and meaning behind it especially if its a native american one like Jewel’s Tawa.
    But i m still concern of the ratio between boys and girls, we have very few fillies the last couple of years

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