2019 Pryor Foals # 8 and # 9

Quan and foal
Quahneah and her new foal Taiga

Pryor Foal # 8, was born to Quahneah and London.  Quahneah is the 2016 daughter of Washakie and Baja.  London is the 2011 son of Gold Rush and Doc.  The foal is a filly and has been name Taiga.

Quahneah has always held a special place in my heart.  Abbie and I were blessed to have seen her a few hours after her birth.  The following year, Quahneah put on a special show just for us, making us laugh at a time really needed it.  She is a special horse.

Quahneah shortly after she was born with mom Washakie, sister Bacardi and father Baja. July 2017

Pryor Foal # 9, was born to Jacinta and Garay.  Jacinta is the 2009 daughter of Rosebud and Tecumseh.  Garay is the is the 2006 son of Mariposa and Conquistador. The foal is a colt and has been name Tapadero.  Tapadero joints his other two full siblings on the range, Rue and Patriot.

Jacinta and foal
Jacinta and her new foal.


6 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foals # 8 and # 9

  • Another two beautiful additions to the herd! It’s so exciting to have a Baja x Washakie grandbaby!! Taiga looks strong and so much like a typical B x W baby! She reminds me of her mom too. She represents a great combination of bloodlines. Tapadero is such a beautiful little guy too! I particularly love that light shade of grullo. He reminds me a lot of his brother Patriot too.

  • Great news it seemed quite a few years since two foals were born in the same band. That means Tayga and Tierra will have plenty of time of playing and frolicking and mimicking the adults.
    Also happy for a new Tapadero who is a Patriot lookalike .thanks for the update!

  • so is Petra’s foal now named TIERRA? and is it male or female? Love the name, BTW, and exciting for 2 playmates in the same band! and so happy to see a new little Washakie x Baja lookalike 🙂

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