2019 Pryor Foals 6 and 7


Pryor Foal # 6 was born to Juniper and Horizon.  Juniper is the 2009 daughter of Sapo and Bolder.  Horizon is the 2007 son of Felina and Morning Star.  The foal is a filly and has been named Talia.

Pegasus and Traveler.  Photo by Jack Sterling.

Pryor Foal # 7 was born to Pegasus and Missoula.  Pegasus is the 2015 daughter of Galaxy and Ireland.  Missoula is the 2012 son of Half Moon and Teton.   The foal is a colt and has been named Traveler.

This foal is very special to me.  Both Pegasus and Missoula were discovered and named by me.  Missoula was the very first foal that I had the privileged to find.   I am looking forward to watching this little guy grow into a stallion. Thank you so much Jack for the use of your photo and the discovery of this very special foal.

6 thoughts on “2019 Pryor Foals 6 and 7

  • What exciting news !!! I am really glad that Juniper got to have another baby, a much needed filly since this was her last chance to motherhood. I wonder if Talia is really a busckin or a dun, she appears to have the cream gene but i guess it will show as she gets older. Also happy for Missoula’s first foal and i am glad for you too!!! I hope he survives and won’t be removed.
    So far we only had one loss and the rest of the foals are strong and belong to new mares that will definatelly add to the gene pool. Hopefully we will continue having a smooth foaling season!!!
    Thanks again for the update!

    • I think Talia may turn out to be buckskin like her mom. I’ve seen several buckskins that were that color as foals. We’ll have to wait and see. And congratulations on your two babies having a baby! Traveler is certainly a special guy! Beautiful too and looking so much like his sweet mom Pegasus. Pegasus got a mini me this year, who knows maybe their next foal will be a Missoula mini me.

  • Looks to me like Junipers is a Palomino carrying on the Phoenix, Cloud and Boulder tradition!

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